Is an under-display selfie camera the next BIG thing in smartphone innovation?


The evolution of smartphones has been outstanding, to say the least. Today, most phones tend to launch with some sort of innovation. These innovations can sometimes be huge or regarded as the next big thing by pundits. For example, the latest under-display selfie camera technology from ZTE.

They are currently the only company with a smartphone in the market which features a selfie camera hidden underneath the display. ZTE is expected to release the second generation anytime soon. Many pundits believe other OEM companies will adopt this technology. For example, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 can feature this technology. Chinese phone maker, Huawei is another likely player here after recently patenting a smartphone with UPC. There are official documents with illustrations that it was used to create renders of a Huawei phone by people at LetsGoDigital.

 under-display selfie camera
under-display selfie camera

From the images, the phone is likely a midrange and looks similar to the Honor X20 SE based on the overall design and camera island. It is important to note that patent drawings “don’t” always reflect the actual upcoming products, so don’t get your hopes high as it could be something different.

Huawei filed this patent with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), which is surprising, to say the least, because China is the company’s only major market for smartphones.


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