Jazz Data Plans: The Definitive Guide


For a world enmeshed in the internet system, fast pace internet is oxygen. Any lagging means choking the world which has accepted the internet as an integral part of its existence, supporting crucial functions and institutions.

Jazz realizes the potential of the internet and values the gratification of its customers; therefore, it has kept ahead by rolling out amazing data plans for your devices. It stands among the reliable and known telecommunication network and service providers.

The data and call quality of Jazz has won it a robust customer base that continues to grow. To supplement the laudable services are the pocket-friendly rates at which you can acquire these services and in case of confusion or any trouble, you can contact the customer care representatives who are ever ready to be of help and assistance.

Let’s fork out the data plans that JAZZ offers in abundance.

Walking Through the Jazz Data Plans

The amazing data plans that Jazz has drawn up to power your android devices, iPhones, or Laptops are discussed here. These plans are drawn up to increase the global outreach of the users, wrapping up distances so that you get a profound experience every time you utilize them. No one feels left out as the generous rates that Jazz provides, enables everyone to take advantage of the offerings and grow.

JAZZ Daily Internet Packages

Jazz gives you the chance to express yourself in your own way by the superb daily internet packages below. The daily packages give you an option to use uninterrupted internet according to your daily requirement. So check out these packages to know which one suits you best according to your budget and needs.

PACKAGE Price Detail Validity Code
Daily Social Rs 5.98+tax 200MB for Facebook and Whatsapp 24 hours *114*5#
Internet Hourly Extreme Rs 20.32+tax 2000MB Next 2 hours *846#
Daily Browser Rs 11.95+tax 50MB 1 day *117*11#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak) Rs 24+tax 100MB (24hrs)

1100MB (off-peak)

24 hours *117*4#
Daily Social Recursive Rs 5.98+tax 200 MB for Facebook and Whatsapp 24 Hourly recursive *455#
Super Daily Offer Rs 17+tax 150MB Daily *212#

A 3 Day Treat by Jazz3-day Internet Packages

Jazz makes sure you are not without internet services wherever you go or wherever you are. The 3-day packages make sure that you do not lose contact with your loved ones or lose your voice on the social networking platforms while you are away from home or city. No matter where you are, these services cater to your needs without being too heavy on your pocket.

Package Price Detail Validity Code
3 Day Extreme Rs !7.9+tax 500MB 3 Days( 2am-2pm) *114814#
3 Day Browser Rs 25 100MB 3 Days *117*1#

The Weekly Bucket of Packages

It is certainly not entertaining to watch your favorite show with uncountable stops and buffering pauses. Jazz gives you excellent weekly experience with its overwhelming weekly packages that make work and entertainment smooth!

Package Price Detail Validity Code
Weekly Streamer Rs 95+tax 1GB Weekly *117*7#
Weekly Mega Rs 190+tax 5GB Weekly *159*2#
Weekly Mega Plus Rs 240+tax 20GB Weekly *453#
Weekly Social Rs 50+tax 5GB Weekly *660#
Weely Extreme Rs 71.7+tax 2500MB Weekly ( 2AM-2PM) *117*14#
Weekly Premium Rs 140+tax 3GB Weekly *117*47#
Weekly Super Duper Rs 119+tax 3GB

1500 SMS

Weekly *770#
Mega Super Duper Weekly Rs 299+tax 10GB Weekly *505#

Monthly Jazz Internet Packages

If you find it troublesome to keep up with daily or weekly packages, Jazz has monthly packages tucked in for you. Stay relieved for the entire month with the fantastic Jazz Monthly offers.  Let’s have a look at them.

Package Price Detail Validity Code
Monthly Browser Rs 215+tax 4GB ( 2GB 2AM-2PM) 30 Days *117*77#
Monthly Mega Rs 375+tax 8GB 30 Days *117*31#
Monthly Supreme Rs 885+tax 20GB 30 Days *117*32#
Monthly Extreme Rs 120+tax 5000GB 30 Days ( 2AM-2PM) *117*34#

Now that you have so many packages to ingress the internet world, you can enjoy long chats, videos, or even a platform to showcase your talent to the world. Jazz is all about connectivity and strength. Connectivity to discover the world you wish to see without physical efforts and power to grow with confidence.

Every package comes with a code to check the status of the package or even unsubscribe to the package. There are no arduous processes or draining of money to check your package status. Just type in the code to both avails and end the offer.

Reach Out To The World With Jazz International Offers

These generous internet packages are not the only offerings of Jazz. Being wise and prudent, it knows the importance of connecting to the world and expanding your horizons. Therefore, to wrap up the distance and increase your reach beyond the boundaries, it has introduced many incredible international calling offers that you can benefit from. Now whether it is business or talking to a close one, time and money will never pose a hindrance.

Package Price Detail Validity Code
Saudi Arabia and UAE offer KSA Rs 2.38/15secs

UAE Rs 3.57/15secs

No subscription fee Lifetime *452#
UK offer Rs 1.2/30secs No subscription fee Lifetime *456#
456 offer ( US/Canada/UK) Rs 5.98/15mins No subscription fee Lifetime 456 before the number
IDD World Sim Rs 2.39/min No Subscription fee Lifetime Rs 5.89/SMS

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Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

The postpaid subscribers need not lose heart. There is something for you too.

Package Price Detail Validity Code
Monthly Streamer Package Rs 300 4GB 30 days *446#
Monthly Premium Package Rs 500 5GB 30 days *446#
Monthly Supreme Package Rs 800 8GB 30 days *446#
Monthly Mega Package Rs 1200 12GB 30 days *446#

Jazz, with the aim of empowering the customers through the use of disruptive internet services, has something for everyone. This means you get to access lightning-fast internet at affordable rates without any hassle. You will be equally satisfied with the customer care services of Jazz in case you face confusion or trouble accessing maneuvering through the site or various offers.

This article was written by Jeff Finder: He is a Digital Nomad who travels around the world and blogs about technology, gadgets, and specifically laptops at Laptop Cut Blog. He’s also an international speaker and loves to persuade youth to find their voice online and make it count.


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