Latest OnePlus Switch Update Now Allows Data Transfer from iPhone


OnePlus has released an update to its Switch app that lets you add support for transfer of data from an iPhone. But the bad news is that no companion app has been made available for iOS on the App Store, which will make the process a tad complicated.

While you can read the complete set of instructions on the OnePlus forum, the crux of the matter is that you have to download a beta version of this OnePlus Switch app for Android OS in addition to its iOS app from OnePlus website. Then, you need to provide special permissions to this app you downloaded on the iPhone so it can work because it isn’t an app on the App Store.

After you have carried out this step, you will get hotspot settings on your OnePlus mobile device that you must connect to on the iPhone. Then, you can launch the Switch app on this iPhone so you can start transferring the data.

Apparently, it isn’t a walk in the park and could be regarded as a baptism of fire by iPhone users, who you seek to welcome to your OnePlus ecosystem by making them complete a set of complicated tasks as the very first thing that they’ve to carry out in transferring their data to their new OnePlus phone.

Nevertheless, if you’ve certain vital data that is stuck on your iPhone, which must be transferred to your OnePlus mobile device, you now know how to go about getting it done.


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