List of all 4G LTE Networks In Nigeria And Their Frequency

4G LTE networks in Nigeria

See all 4G LTE networks and their bands/frequency in Nigeria. 4G LTE Networks have dominated the country’s network data service rendering 3G obsolete. With new smartphones being 4G LTE compatible, it’s substantial to know if your network provider supports 4G. Not just that, you also need to know if your network provider 4G LTE band matches your phone frequency.

4G LTE networks in Nigeria

In this article, I will be listing all 4G LTE networks in Nigeria and their frequency. This will help you do enough research before buying your next phone. 4G LTE networks are much faster than 3G and you need to get on board, so you won’t miss out. Without further ado, these are all the list of 4G LTE networks in Nigeria and their compatible frequency.

4G LTE Networks In Nigeria And Their Frequency

MTN 4G LTE Bands Frequency

Nigeria&# 8217;s largest network provider has 4G LTE all over the country. It supports band 7 (2600MHz) & 20 (800MHz) only. So if you are using MTN make sure your next device supports this frequency.

Glo 4G LTE Band Frequency

The grandmaster of data has 4G LTE networks all over the country. Glo supports band 28 (700MHz) only, so most device might not work with Glo.

9Mobile 4G LTE Band Frequency

Formerly Etisalat, the new network provider has 4G LTE networks across the country. 9Mobile supports band 3 (1800MHz) only, so make sure you check the device.

NTel 4G LTE Bands Frequency

Nigeria’s most cherished network provider, with 4G LTE network all over the country. NTel supports band 3 (1800MHz) and 8 (900MHz) only.

SMILE 4G LTE Band Frequency

Smile your way through the Internet with ease on 4G LTE. Smile supports band 20 (800MHz) only, so check your device.

SPECTRANET 4G Band Frequency

They have 4G LTE network all over the country, Spectranet supports band 40 (2300MHz) only.

SWIFT 4G Band Frequency

Swift boasts of 4G LTE network all over the country and supports band 40 (2300MHz) only.

Airtel 4G LTE Band Frequency

Airtel Nigeria is still a learner in the 4G LTE network world, with no 4G LTE at the moment


These are everything you need to know before buying your next device, that’s if you want to enjoy fast browsing with 4G LTE.


  1. Airtel is the best and also the fastest now, glo still they fuck up now but only works well in the night.

  2. For the sake of update; Airtel is now the network with the wildest 4g network coverage in Nigeria and there band is band 3 (1800Mhz).

  3. The issue is just 4G data is too expensive. Besides, the way the data is being consumed will make you shout when no one beats you.

    Great work bro.


    Pls where can i buy N TEL 4G SIM & SPECTRANET 4G
    Sim? My phone support all the 4G network u listed here except glo that it doesn’t. But funny enough am using glo in that my phone

    Also does these N tel and Spactranet 4G available in Delta State?


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