Lowest Call Rate in Nigeria 2021 [ 9Mobile, Glo, MTN and Airtel ]

Cheapest lowest Call rate in Nigeria

The essence of this post is to show you all the lowest call rate in Nigeria. Making calls with social apps via data can be quite difficult in this country, with unreliable internal speed

. So knowing the lowest call rate on your network provider is very essential. There are lots of call tariffs on all the network providers in Nigeria, but which is the cheapest? You don’t deserve to be spending much just for making calls, calling your family and loved ones. In this article, I will be listing the lowest call rate on all major network providers in Nigeria.

Lowest Call Rate in Nigeria for 9Mobile

If you are using 9Mobile then you should be on the Easylife 4.0 plan. It offers the lowest call rate on the new network provider, with calls as cheap as 11k/s to any network in Nigeria. Want to know how to migrate?

⚫Simply dial *420*1# using a 9Mobile sim to migrate to easy life 4.0 for free.

⚫ Simply dial *232# to check your account balance and *244*3# to confirm your plan.

However, there is a daily charge of N5 which is deducted immediately you make your first call of the day. While on the plan, you can also call US, UK, India, and China numbers for 20k/sec. N4 per every SMS sent to other networks in Nigeria and N15 for international SMS.

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Lowest Call Rate in Nigeria for Glo

Are you on Glo Gbam Plus? The prepaid plan offers the lowest call rate on the ‘grandmasters of data’ network provider. Want to migrate?

⚫Simply dial *211# to migrate to the plan for free and enjoy calls at 11k/s only.

Just like every other affordable call plan, N5 will be deducted daily immediately you make your first call. SMS sent to Nigerian telephone numbers is just N4, while international SMS is N35. After you’ve been on the plan for 30 days, you’ll be giving a free data browsing time of just 11 minutes.

Lowest Call Rate in Nigeria for MTN

MTN Pulse has always been the lowest call rate plan on MTN for a long time now. You can make calls for just 11k/s, and unlike others, there’s no daily charge whatsoever. Want to migrate?

⚫Simply dial *406*1# or text 406 to 131 and migrate for free.

However, the first 50 seconds call for the day is charged at 20kobo/sec, while others are 11k/s.

Lowest Call Rate Nigeria for Airtel

Are you on Airtel smart-talk 2.0? If you are using an Airtel SIM and you are not on the plan, then you are missing out. It’s the best Airtel plan with the lowest call rate right now. Want to migrate?

⚫Simply dial *315# to migrate to the plan for free.

You can now enjoy calls as low as 11k/s to all networks in Nigeria. Although there’s a daily charge of N5 from the first call of the day, it’s worth it. Also call US, UK, Canada, India and China numbers for just 20k/sec on this plan.


These are the lowest call rate plans for these major network providers. Which is your favourite?


  1. If anyone is looking for the call rate that’s the lowest like ones in this post, let him try Glo YAKATA.


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