How to fix “Mobile network not Available” error on phones

Mobile network not Available error

Though a smartphone is one of the best inventions ever made by man with a lot of interesting features to make our lives easier, there are many things that can stress the hell out of one’s life. One of such is the “mobile network not available” error on our phones.

If you find yourself in this situation, and your phone suddenly displays “mobile network not available” error and you don’t know how to fix it, this post is for you. The error could also be an “unregistered SIM card” error? Well, you’ll be able to fix these errors after reading this post today. These errors are pretty common and there are different ways to fix them.

Ways to fix “Mobile network not Available” error

Mobile network not Available

Check your Network Settings

Having the wrong network settings can also cause the mobile network not available error. So ensure you have set the right network settings on your phone. Go through your network modes and operators thoroughly. Go to Settings >> Wireless and Network >> Select Mobile Network(s) >> Network Operator >> Select Automatically

Remove SIM Card and Insert it Back

Another sure way on how to fix “mobile network not available” error on phones is to remove the SIM card and insert it back properly. In some cases, it might be that the SIM card is not inserted properly. So try this method, and if it doesn’t work, try your SIM card in another to know where if the problem is from the SIM card or your phone.

Restart Your Phone

Simply but works, yes restarting the phone has proven to work for some people experiencing the “mobile network not available” error. Restarting your phone helps it retain memory and fix the crashes, which ultimately smoothens most operations. At times the network not available error is caused by background apps and memory leaks, so restarting the phone does the trick here.

Check if your Phone is in Roaming Mode

If your phone is in roaming mode, it may be the cause of the mobile network not available error you’re experiencing. You can check by going to Settings >> Mobile networks >> Data Roaming >> Disable.

Update Your Phone OS to Fix Software Bugs

Software bugs can cause the network not available error and you can fix it by just updat ing your phone’s operation system. Most people ignore when they receive a new OS update. If you’re amongst, stop doing that. Some bugs are not healthy for your phone that will be fixed with the new OS update. Just go to Settings >> System >> System Update, and download/install if you see any pending updates.

Turn Off your Mobile Data and Turn It On Again

Another good method on how to fix “mobile network not available” error on phones is to turn off the mobile data and turn it back on again. This will restart the network and can fix the malfunctioning network in return. You can do this by swiping down the quick-setting panel, turn off the mobile data connection, then turn it on again.

Reset your Network Settings

In some cases, there might be some changes made to your network options after installing a new OS. This might be the cause of the error, so you’ll need to reset your network settings to the default option. You can reset the network settings by;

• Open your phone settings.

Scroll down and select “System”

• Then click on the “Reset” options.

• Select “Reset Mobile Network”, which can also be “Reset WiFi”, “Mobile Network” or “Bluetooth” depending on your phone.

• Then click on the affected SIM card.

• And tap on Reset Settings. This should reset both the APN (Access Point Name) and other related parameters.

Ensure the Airplane Mode is Off

Check to see if airplane mode is off. If the mode is on, it would turn off all connections, including your mobile network. You’ll know if the airplane mode is on, as an airplane icon would appear and replace the signal bars. You can turn the mode off by going to Settings >> Network and Internet >> Airplane mode >> Toggle Off.


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