How to Spy on Android without Touching It?


    In the present day and age, a person’s mobile phone is something which gets all their work done at the click of a few buttons. It certainly is a boon. However, developing technology has made it possible to spy on people’s lives through these very mobile phones too.

    Keeping an eye on someone in times like today has become quite convenient, thanks to phone monitoring and mobile spy solutions. Hacking into someone else’s cell phone, or in fact, any other device is today a 5-minute task. And you can do it while staying away from the device question; without even touching it!

    Sounds almost unbelievable, doesn’t it?

    In reality, it isn’t. And this post is meant to highlight one such spyware which not only enables you to hack into a device but do that without raising any flags. The spyware works in the background without giving away its presence so your target has no clue he/she is being monitored in real-time.

    So what are you waiting for? Check out this post which will help you in choosing the best spy app for Android on Spyier.

    Part 1: How to Spy on Android without touching it?

    We’ve already told you that it’s very much possible to hack into any Android device without touching it. Here we reveal the ingenious app that makes it possible.

    The spy application that we’re talking about goes by the name of Spyier, and trust us when we say this, this app can get you all of your target’s information without you having to be near it.

    Once set up, Spyier relays all information from the target device to a web-based dashboard to which you can log in using any web-browser. You don’t need to intervene at any point or meddle with the target device’s settings to make Spyier work. That’s how it achieves phone monitoring “without touching it.”

    In a world full of spyware that aims at stealing your money by making false promises, Spyier stands out by actually delivering on its words.

    Part 1.1: Spyier – the non-root Android Spyware

    Spyier is well known across the globe and has millions of delighted customers to its credit. The app has been in the phone monitoring industry for over a decade and has been rated as the top spyware by many giants like Forbes, The New York Times, BBC, and The Wall Street Journal.

    The application has been developed by a team of experienced and sophisticated developers who’ve made sure that user privacy is at the very top. Spyier does not store any user data on its server, thus preventing data theft.

    On Android devices, though it needs an installation, its icon can be hidden after configuration to make it secretive. Moreover, it occupies very little space on the target device (merely 2MB) and can be easily set up in a matter of minutes. It works without using up too much battery thus goes unnoticed.

    Note: The need for installation of this application is consistent with how Android phone monitoring works. Every Android spyware needs installation. If you’ve heard out about an application which says it can go undetected without installation on the target device, it is a swindle. Be aware of such apps.

    Some key benefits Spyier offers

    Spyier has been widely accepted across the globe and comes with an extensive feature list that has brought it to the attention of numerous technological giants as well. Following are some benefits of using this app:

    1. Highly secure

    You may find tons of phone spy applications out there but not all are secure. Not only does Spyier take care of user privacy, it has also been proven virus-free by the numerous users who have tested it out.

    2. Affordable

    You can buy Spyier for the amount equivalent to that of probably having dinner at a restaurant. The premium package is relatively reasonable whereas if you pick the family pack you get a huge discount because of the multiple devices that can be monitored.

    3. User-friendly

    The application’s user interface is very easy to grasp. The spyware has a very distinctively laid out dashboard which is very efficient in getting the work done. The data can be accessed from any browser and setting the application up is child’s play.

    4. Handy features

    The spyware gives you access to:

    • Text messages: You can easily read all the SMSs on the device. You also get the feature of being alerted at any incoming or outgoing text and recovering deleted messages.
    • Media activity: Spyier helps you acquire all the media files on the device. You can either check them via the dashboard or download the video or the photos directly to your device.
    • Track location: It keeps tabs on the target device’s location 24/7. It can give you an address, the building name and even the 3D street view.
    • Contact information: The application also provides one with access to the contact book so that the caller or the person texting the target device can be identified.
    • Call logs: Spyder lets you peek at the call logs of the device as well. You also get notified when there is an incoming call on the target device.
    • Checking the browser history: The spyware also gets hold of the browser history for you. It presents you with a list of visited websites and their descriptions.

    In addition to these, the app makes it possible so that you can try on Spyier through a free live demo. No signup or credit information needed.

    Part 1.2: How to spy on Android using Spyier

    Step 1: Create a free account using your email id as the username. Also, pick a suitable subscription plan.

    Step 2: Next, set the target OS to Android and follow the instructions sent to your email to install and configure it. After the application is set up, hide it from the app drawer and you’re good to go.

    Step 3: Once the application is done syncing, you will be redirected to your dashboard and from the left hand side you can pick out the category of data you want to have a look at. In our opinion, Spyier offers maximum bang for your bucks.


    Now we assume that you know about a spyware which lets you inside a target device without touching the phone itself. Spyier is the easiest way to be able to keep a tab on someone without the hassle of hiring a private eye or trusting those applications which might rip you off.

    Spyier is full proof and gets the work done efficiently in complete stealth.


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