My Airtel App Download and Review


The newly introduced My Airtel App comes loaded with solutions that take care of its users’ day-to-day requirements on their mobile phones.

Airtel Nigeria, which is one of the major service providers in the country, promises a lot of benefits and perks with the new upgrade of its self-care app. Services such as the purchase of voice and SMS bundles, Airtel data plans, paying for bills, account recharge and checking the balance status can be done with ease.

One major addition to the App is the Airtel Money, which was integrated into it, providing both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers tools to make important transactions easily and quickly. With just a few taps on your mobile device screen, you can get full access to the App cool upgrades anywhere and anytime.

The App also saves you the stress of having to know the regular USSD codes off-hand for different service needs, thus, putting the whole functions at the tip of your fingers.  You can also get full access to Customer care service to lodge complaints or make enquiries on their products and receive a direct reply from an available agent, giving you valid and reliable solutions to your needs.

Accessing the details of your account balances and making subscriptions have never been so efficiently managed. By downloading the app, utility bills payments such as digital TV subscriptions can be taken care of, along with sending and receiving money via the Airtel money platform and many more operations.

Key Features of My Airtel App

Key Features of My Airtel App

With My Airtel App, you can now do the following better and faster compared to the old Airtel app:

  • You can opt-in for their value-added and lifestyle services, such as caller tunes, music, sports
  • Use the simplified postpaid bills platform.
  • Access your call history anytime
  • You can customize your own plan with My Airtel App.
  • Buy, Manage and transfer from your balance to friends. Your balance is however more visible than in the old app
  • You can track the transaction history of your SMS, calls, data usage and money deposit and receive it in your account. A transaction number is given to every product and service you buy
  • Locate the nearest Airtel Store and also get quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions through the platform
  • Access both the functionalities of Airtel Money service within the self-care app allowing you to do more under the same umbrella
  • The self-care app comes with a better and improved user interface
  • Quick access to Airtel products & services
  • Get vital details about your SIM registration such as account type, serial number, date of activation

Even with all the exciting features highlighted above, there are still some basic functionalities that are not made provisions for on the app. Find below some of the downsides of My Airtel app.

  • The Airtel Money portal does not cover all banks known and used by Airtel subscribers.
  • The app does not support offline functionality. So you definitely must have a working internet connection to use it, and this just brings you back to the use of USSD codes.
  • It is limited to Android version 4.2 and above.
  • You can’t access the Me2U service on the app just yet.
  • Not all the features of the Airtel Money app work well as made known to the public. Some of them should still be in there testing stage.
  • Poor security for vital information on the dashboard. My Airtel app is believed to integrate a security measure before anyone can gain access into the app, either through the use of password or fingerprint; now that Airtel Money is incorporated into the app.

The app can be downloaded from the Googe Play Store for free



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