Mystery Smartphone, Featuring Dual Screen and Triple Camera, Likely to be Vivo NEX S2


The Vivo NEX S stood out among the mobile phones launched this year, but there are indications the release of its sequel may be on the horizon. Recently, an unboxing video of a mystery mobile device surfaced online, showing some unique design elements, which are believed to be those of the NEX S2.

The first of these features, known as the Lunar Ring, seems to be a colorful RGB LED ring, which surrounds the camera. Though it is a lot more sophisticated than your typical LED notification light, it is still less advanced compared with the second feature, a secondary screen. The Vivo NEX S2 has been speculated to be introduced with dual displays, an offering that is similar to the nubia X.

Unfortunately, its rear display is not demoed in that video, making it impossible for us to see how large it is. But there are leaks on the Internet, which show without a shred of doubt that the secondary screen is pretty big.

As for the third feature of the smartphone, we take you back to the Lunar Ring. The functionality can actually be spotted around a triple camera, used for taking selfies (where the rear display serves as a viewfinder for this). In the video, hypothetically, the triple camera system is likely to feature a 3D Time of Flight sensor.

No mention was made of a camera pop-up, and it is doubtful if this spec will be offered; the rear screen obviates the need for that. This set of features is just a tip of the iceberg of what the Vivo Nex S2 promises, and you can look forward to more features in future leaks.


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