Next generation iPhone to have triple camera with 3D sensor

triple rear camera

Apple will release its next-generation iPhone later this year and the rumours are still a blur. However, the leaks of a 2019 iPhone had surfaced with three rear cameras. One of Apple smartphones that will be released next year will come with a triple rear camera, according to a reliable source from Taiwan.

The source also revealed that the cameras will come with a 3D sensor. This means two of the three cameras will be able to focus on a particular object from different angles. With this feature, the cameras on the next generation iPhone will be able to capture 3D object. Experts are saying this will be better than the time-of-light technology which just reads the time a laser goes through objects.

Others think there should be a way of enhancing the illusion of depth in an image through two cameras, because of long-term power saving and better outdoor implementation. Although Apple might surprise us with an iPhone with three cameras this year, that’s unlikely, because the Huawei P20 Pro took the world by storm. No one believed there would be a smartphone with three rear cameras in 2018.

triple rear camera

According to the source, the third camera on the next generation iPhone will come with a 3x optical zoom and a longer focal length, just like on the Huawei P20 Pro flagship. The P20 Pro debuted at number 1 on DXOMark and still sits comfortably at that position for 3 months now, thanks to its three cam shooter.

The source was also asked which company Apple plans on buying the triple camera set-up from. We all know the Cupertino based company currently gets cameras from Sony, Sharp, LG, and Dali. But the source affirmed that only Dali has the ability to match Apple’s demand and to deliver triple setups in time. However, anything is possible and we can’t wait to see an iPhone with triple rear camera set-up.


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