Order to Ban Chinese Networking Gears in the US to be Signed by Trump


As the US-Chinese trade war continues, tension continues to mount on Chinese mobile phone manufacturers over the consequences of the war. Top Chinese mobile phone manufacturers like the Huawei and ZTE are already facing a lot of issues in the US. The lawmakers in the US already consider the two brands a threat to their national security. And because of that, the US has already signalled its allies not to make use of any Huawei networking equipment for 5G networks which is under development in their various countries. According to them, there might be backdoors built into the gear which might pass information to the communist Chinese government.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei and chairman Liang Hua have openly denied such allegations in the past. The justice department charged the company last month for stealing trade secrets from T – mobile. If you can recall in the past, the carrier won a $4.8million in a civil suit against the network equipment and phone manufacturer for the stealing of a robot called “Tapping” that was used to test mobile phones. And now, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has also moved against the company again by charging Huawei for stealing T – mobile technology.

The trade war has really soured the relationship between China and US which is also partly because of the attack of US lawmakers on Huawei. The latest report in Politico has revealed that President Donald Trump – who is the brain behind the war is expected to sign an executive order which will restrain US carriers from using any networking equipment produced in China.

Trump is expected to sign the order before the MWC event in Barcelona later this month so as to send a clear signal to China. The show will be taking place between 25th

to 28th of February. A reliable source revealed that Trump wants to send the wireless world a signal that America puts its cybersecurity first.  With the executive order, the US will want other countries to follow its footstep. And one close source also revealed that “Contracts are going out now. Extra pressure could change the situation out in the countries on this major decision”

Back in China, the telecoms industries are mandated by the rules to help the communist government with its intelligence operations. And that makes US lawmakers to be worried about phones and networking equipment from China.

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