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Panda Helper VIP AppStore for Android and iPhone: What You Need to Know

Panda Helper VIP

Panda Helper is the best third-party app installer available today. Not only is it full of fresh content, but it also doesn’t require a jailbreak to work, and it’s entirely free to download and use. So what is it?

Panda Helper is an alternative to AppEven app, an unofficial app store if you like, that offers users 3000+ apps and games to choose from. Not only are there are standard app store apps, including the premium apps, but there are also loads of modified apps and games and some iOS jailbreak tweaks too. Moreover, because jailbreaking is not required to install it, anyone with an iOS device can take full advantage of what Panda Helper has to offer.

Moreover, because the admin is continuously monitoring the app, they can issue regular updates, not just to bring new apps and games, but to bring bug fixes and security updates too.

How Does Panda Helper App Work?

The app installer makes use of Enterprise certificates supplied by Apple. The developers purchase the certificates and distribute them to the app users, ensuring that anyone who uses the installer has the ability to download the unofficial apps and use them on their devices, and that includes apps that can modify how your iPhone or iPad works. These certificates are embedded into the installer, working the minute you download it.

Downloading Panda Helper VIP is very easy and you can up and running in a matter of minutes. Click the link to find out all the details on how you can get tons of free apps and games on your device today.

Panda Helper App Features

Panda Helper has loads of features, with the obvious one being that no jailbreak is required to use it.  However, there is more to it than that; it is one of the easiest installers to use and, because there is so much content, the developers have put it all into four separate categories, designed to make life easy for you. Those four categories are:

  • Apple App Store Apps – hundreds of apps and games from the iOS app store, including the premium apps
  • Panda Helper Exclusive Apps – apps not found in any official source, such as games emulators, fully-featured screen recorders, media apps, movie apps and a lot more
  • Tweaked Apps – tweaked versions of some stock apps, such as Snapchat++, Spotify++, Instagram++ and more
  • Modified Games – modified versions of some of the best games, with in-app purchases unlocked and extra features added

The Pros of Using Panda Helper

The upsides to Panda Helper are pretty obvious:

  • So many apps and games to choose from
  • Free to download and install
  • No need to jailbreak
  • One of the reliable iOS app stores’s ever
  • Safe to use, no malware, no viruses
  • High-speed downloads
  • Regularly updated

The Cons of Using Panda Helper

As with anything, there are always downsides but, where Panda Helper is concerned, these are few and far between. The main disadvantages are:

  • Ad-supported – on occasion, ads pop up which can be irritating. The VIP version removes it.
  • Doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as Cydia does.

How Safe is Panda Helper?

Very safe. When the developers built the app, they put it through a series of tests including using independent beta testers. We also ran our own tests on it and are pleased to tell you that you won’t find anything nasty lurking in it – no viruses and no malware. Plus, downloading it is simple and it doesn’t require root access. This means it cannot break the security that Apple has in place, and it doesn’t leave your iPhone or iPad open for any external threats. Add in SSL encryption and a development team that issues updates regularly, and you have one of the safest app installers ever released.

Panda Helper has proven itself to be reliable, stable and safe, not to mention one of the most popular third-party installers ever released. It isn’t just an alternative to Cydia for the jailbreakers among us; it’s an alternative to the official app store, another way of downloading apps and games for every user. The downsides to it are minor irritants, nothing that should get in the way of enjoying everything this versatile installer has to offer.

Download it and enjoy it. Follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.



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