Parallel Space: How to Use It to Run 2 Android App Accounts at the Same Time


In a world of dual cameras and dual SIM cards, the multiple accounts feature has definitely become necessary. Virtually all apps are adopting the option for multiple accounts owing to its importance; social media apps, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have integrated the feature already. However, others including Whatsapp, Uber, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. haven’t done this, making it laborious to run multiple accounts on those platforms.

Fortunately, those days of trying to sign out from one account to the other, or having to install OGWhatsapp, is over now as there is an app that lets you run 2 Android App accounts at the same time — Parallel Space.

Key Features of Parallel Space

Parallel Space, designed by LBE Tech and released on Google Play in 2016, helps you clone and use multiple accounts of the same app at once. With this Android app, you get to use themes for styling your unique space. Parallel Space is actively used by over 90 million people all over the world to sign in on multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device. It highlights your own style as you utilize it and also protects your privacy, as it makes apps invisible on phones that have the Incognito Installation option.

Besides, it lets you customize themes of your cloned apps, as well as themes of Parallel Space, to style your personal space. Multilingual, the software is compatible with the majority of Android apps. When you have completed the installation of this program, whose size is just 2.3 MB, you may include any other installed apps on your mobile device to its dashboard. Parallel Space will then notify you to set up a new account for those apps.

Personally, I have tried a handful of applications, like  Whatsapp, Snapchat, Uber, LinkedIn, and all of them worked fine. You can add as many apps as you desire as there are no limitations on the no. of apps that can be added.

Here is a summary of the most exciting features of Parallel Space:

  • Sign in to multiple accounts of social media mobile apps or game apps simultaneously on a single phone: With Parallel Space, you can create a balance between your life and work with ease. The tool also offers you double online gaming experience and help boost your fun. Virtually every app supports creating a second account in Parallel Space, and your data from the 2 accounts will not interfere with each other.
  • Protect your privacy by making apps invisible on your mobile device via Incognito Installation
    : Parallel Space lets you hide your secret apps so you wouldn’t have to worry about prying eyes going through your sensitive info. You can also protect your privacy by using a security lock.
  • Design a personalized space with themes: With a theme store integrated into this app, you can style your own space creatively by applying its collection of customized themes. You can also switch from one theme to another instantly with just a tap of their moods.
  • Switch between accounts quickly with a single tap: Run 2 accounts at the same time and switch between them instantly by using one-tap. This feature allows you to manage different accounts effectively.
  • Other great features of Parallel Space: It is easy-to-use, powerful, and stable. Also, the software is a unique solution, based on multiDroid, which is the first app virtualization engine on the Android platform.

If you want to check out questions concerning user privacy and app permission, go to their  XDA page.
Download the Parallel Space app from the Play Store


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