Paylater Customer Care Service Number & How To Contact Them

Paylater Customer Care Service Number

Have you been using Paylater app and you will like to contact the Paylater Customer Care Service Number? Then, you might need to read the article here.

Paylater is a mobile-only, digital money lending platform that allows individuals access to a Collateral-free small personal short-term loans, payments and investment. The platform is owned and also operated by a company called One Finance and Investment Limited which is licensed and regulated by the hr Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN).

Just like Paylater, there is EasyBuy platform that allows you to buy any smartphones of your choice by paying instalmentally.

The short term loans offered by Paylater as I said earlier doesn’t require collateral which is one of their selling points as most under underbanked below usually don’t have collaterals for loans.

Asides from being able to apply and actually get short terms loans of up to 1million Naira with the Paylater app which is available for download on the Google Play for Android, you can also use the app for so many other different things. With this app, you can manage almost, if not all of your finances with the Paylater app.

What Can I Do With Paylater?

There are couple of things you can do with Paylater, these include

1. Request For Short-Term Collateral-free Loans: With Paylater, you can apply for a loan with no collateral and not even having to visit any bank. All you need is an Android device and some basic requirements. The platform is available 24bours a day, 7days a week so you can have access to loans and sort out your needs. You also don’t need a guarantor for the application process. There is also no hidden fees, what you see at the point of Application is what you have to repay. Simply and straightforward.

2. Invest in PayVest: Asides from being able to apply for loans with the app, you can also invest with the app and earn up 15% annually on your spare money which is better than leaving the money idling away in your bank account. This way, you get to grow your wealth. You can even add more funds to earn even more.

3. Buy Airtime and Pay Bills: You can also buy Airtime with the Paylater app and also pay your bills like paying for your DStv or Gotv subscription. Paying for your Electricity bill. You can even use it to pay your school fees if you are a student and many more.

4. Transfer Funds: Just like a banking app, you can transfer your funds to friends and family using the Paylater App which is a new feature that was recently added to the App, gradually fulfilling the promise of making the app your one-stop choice for all your financial transactions.

To do all these, all you have to do is download the Paylater App from the Google Play Store

, Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration and make use of the app.

How does Paylater Work on iPhone and Android?

Paylater or carbon App lets you control your finances with a few clicks. You can get instant short-term loans for urgent needs, invest money to earn high-interest rates, recharge airtime on your mobile phone, and make bill payments for services.

How can I download Carbon or Paylater App?

The app is available on both Android Google Play Store or Apple App Store

How To Contact Pay later Customer Care Representatives

If you need to speak to one of Paylater’s Customer Care Representatives in order to know more about their products and services, make enquiries or lay a complaint, then you can get in touch with them via their e-mail address which is

Paylater Customer Care Service Number

You can also call them on the phone using these numbers 01-460 9945 or 01-631 1215. If you already have the Paylater app installed on your android device then you can use the In-App chat to talk to one of their customer care representative who is always available to sort out any issue or answer any questions you might have.


  1. Good morning sir/ma..

    Please I just received an SMS that I have an outstanding loan of 16156.25 with one finance… How come and when?

  2. hello Team, my Name is owolabi olumide Akindele register phone number 08107844168
    pls i need a later of indebtness from carbon, because i have clear my loan since 2019 but uptill now is still showing that am owing you guys pls reply me through my mail

  3. Hi admin,I requested for a loan of #20000,the loan have being approved n disbursed but the wallet have not yet been credit in my personal account.why

  4. I am waiting for response, staly online for admin
    this I’d ticket [##559109## please help us to fund the wallet the service didn’t March with the Bank app let us no the next thing, and I can see it here everybody complains the same issue, and you ask me question in my notification do have issues with my card which is yes and up till now since on 18 of this month you haven’t do anything on it, which you have put #51,800 for my repayment.
    Please help

  5. Good day admin, I have send messages to customer support since yesterday no response, my loan of #234,000, has been Approved and to upload it to wallet become problem for me du to setup card you request for and I did it my Bank didn’t have the requirement app that is ecobank, please help

  6. Hello please my phone lost how do I access back my details on my new phone now is writing device registered to another Device

  7. I can’t reset my password and I have forgotten, each time I tried the system will tell me to try again in a day time

  8. Seriously this is so disappointing, I don’t understand what kind if fraudulent activities going on here , why will you keep deducting my money for no reasons ?

  9. I was unable to access this loan when I have provided all required information.

  10. My name is Lekan Ezekiel with id number 595956328.. I requested for 2500 naira which has been approved but my account balance is yet to be credited please help me out.

  11. My name is Samuel boluwatife, I applied for a loan today but my e-wallet is still zero and I wasn’t credited… My Id is 871303064..

  12. Pls I transferred 5000 to EZEKIEL POPOOLA but till now I haven’t received the money

  13. My name is ogwu John elkanah. I applied for a loan of #7,000.00 which was approved but was not credited to my wallet but they have put my repayment amount. My loan ID is 10851101.
    Kindly help me find out what is the problem as I can’t not pay for the money I did not use.
    Thank you.

  14. morning,I wanted to make a loan in this company, but didn’t disburse the cash in to my account, and I was asked to pay a certain amount of #1800 for what? what I didn’t have at all. so please stop all this irrelevant messages for God sake. Thanks

  15. I requested for 12,000 naira which has been approved but my account balance is still on zero naira please admin help me out. Veronica Attah

  16. I request for a loan and (#2,500) two thousand five hundred naira was approved for me, I want to setup my atm card for the collection of the money but the web page is not available. what shall I do to claim the money?

  17. I have been trying to apply a loan since three months ago but they always tell am not yet qualify for a loan…meanwhile I have done more than ten transactions…this is so annoying

  18. Hello, I want to confirm this, I took a loan of 10,000 to payback 12,500 when I was about to finish my Higher Institution Course in 2017; paid an initial 7,000* off my load but had an issue with the debited plan from my account (instead of debiting the money once it was debited three times) so I stop funding the account.

    The problem now is; With the fact that increase would have been added to my debt from year 2017 – 2019, I want to know how much am due to PAY-BACK and confirm my details for payment plan. If its something that’s affordably I can even clear it Once!

    Warm regards

  19. I’m unable to repay, whenever I tried repaying, it will show,” in progress” for two weeks now, what do I do pls?

  20. Please at the point of trying to log into carbon app, I am not receiving any code sent to my phone by SMS.

  21. Please at the point of trying to log into carbon app, I am not receiving any code sent to my phone by SMS. Thereby making it unable for me to log in.
    Please I need your assistance now.

  22. Good day my name is Adeniyi Aderemi
    I want to make a repayment of 25000 Plus but I couldn’t remember my reference ID so please I want you to see if you can send my reference ID to me so that I can make repayment before the due date thank you.

  23. Ive been given a loan and I have transfer it from my wallet to my bank account but my account has not been credited,and it show zero account in my wallet

  24. I want to refund the loan given to me. And the site is not going. Because I forget my pin

  25. my Name is uzodinma Donatus, i cleared my loan on 22 of August which was actually the duly Date,so i hv been trying to loging in order to reapply for another loan but to no avail,even to loggin my password they kept telling me,no network check ur data or wifi connection,i want to kw why,despite oning by Data,and i even hv enough data and network on my phone,pls what is wrong?

  26. I requested loan of 6,000 but there’s money in my loan wallet account and I can’t transfer the money and also my account has not been credited

  27. have not made my payment bcus of d short down of my company.but we have resume back and they ready to pay us.what should I do because I don’t have the cash now until I revive my salary

    • I can’t log in into my carbon account which and I have an outstanding loan which I wanna pay and the money is ready. Pls fix my account for me.

  28. Hi, I did have the applied loan money in my account from paylater. After searching through the avenue to SETUP my DEBIT CARD which I could not still find.

  29. I can’t transfer funds from my carbon app to my bank account. Resolve this please, it’s annoying.

    • Hello, i applied for a loan and its told me loan has been disbursed, but am yet to get credited into my account

  30. Hello, please i mistakenly fund my carbon paylater wallet with 30,000 instead of 3,000 from my GTB account number 0004626917 today 24th of July 2019, please kindly help refund 27,000 to same account number as I need the money for an urgent trip.

  31. Am expecting d loan disbursed into d wallet to be transfer into my account pls.

  32. Good evening, am Jimoh Omolola, I requested for a loan of 25000=naira which have been disbursed into my paylater wallet,and I tried to transfer d money from d wallet to my personal account, instead they are debiting my own bank balance to pay me with their commissioned ,since yesterday my account as not been credited why.

  33. Hi admin,I requested for a loan of #3000,the loan have being approved n disbursed but the money have not yet been credit in my personal account.why

    • Good day,am Opeyemi Joseph Olokesusi one of your customer from Nigeria,i just wish to know why my loan option was not increase the last time i paid off my loan at once even when the time have not reach for me to pay,please just want to know maybe paying off loans before the designated period of time is forbidden on carbon,then the other thing is that i want to know more about referring someone or introducing a new customer if there’s any benefit for it and how to do it while referring a customer,I will be so excited if my enquiries can be attended to within a short period of time,Thanks.


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