How Will PUBG Mobile India Be Different from Its Global Variant?

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Since last year, PUBG players in India have been deprived of the best mobile battle royale experience. Millions of players had been searching for a replacement but could not find one. Call of Duty Mobile launched and had a Battle Royale variant, but PUBG Mobile players were still hoping to land in Pochinki once again.

As the light of hope got dimmer, a shimmer arose from the darkness and an announcement that PUBG Mobile India, a region-specific variant, might soon be available for Indians to play. Sadly these hopes were soon extinguished as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology clearly stated that PUBG and games related to it would not be launched in India due to data and privacy concerns. 

This was largely due to a political shift and hostile feelings towards China from India, where 117 other apps with ties to China along with PUBG Mobile were banned.

This brings us to how Call of Duty: Mobile, a game that was developed by an in-house studio (TiMi Studios) of the same parent company (Tencent games) that developed PUBG Mobile, was not banned. In simple words, the main publisher of Call of Duty: Mobile throughout the world is Activision, except for China and Southeast Asia. So they get a pass.

In November of last year, Krafton Inc. announced a region-specific version of the game would be launched, and it will be called PUBG Mobile India. As per the latest updates, PUBG Mobile India will have changes in it that will cater to the region specifically, and earlier, Krafton made sure everyone knew that the privacy of this version’s users was their utmost priority.

The reason for this region-specific version seems to be mostly due to the Indian government deeming some contents of the game to be too violent and sexually suggestive. If the game is released, these are some of the major changes that will be found in this variant:

  1. Default character clothing: Player skins in PUBG Mobile India will be fully clothed, and players will not have the option to undress them. The option to undress avatars and start in just your underwear is available in the global variant.
  2. Playtime limit: A weird feature that acts as a concerned parent for gamers is that the game will have a playtime limit. This is apparently done to promote healthy gaming habits among the younger audience. Don’t know how this will fare for streamers.
  3. Green blood: PUBG Mobile India will make its players bleed green instead of red which will visually restrict some of the violent features of the game.

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