Real live Images of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus have been leaked


As we are still expecting the official launch of the Galaxy S10 trio, the images of the yet to be launched Galaxy S10 devices have flooded the internet. We have been furnished with the images of how the design will look like.

Samsung S10 and S10 Plus Live Images

A look at those images revealed a lot of things like the bezels. If you have seen the recent renders, you will notice that the bezels of the Galaxy S10 appear to be a bit bigger than those ones in the recent renders although that is expected as we get closer to the launch date. Another thing that the pictures revealed is the expensive plus variant which will feature a far better screen– to–body ratio with a dual front-facing camera. And the good thing is that the device came with a 3.5mm jack which most people see as a huge relief.

A quick look at the back shows that the back of the Galaxy S10 looks like that of the Galaxy Note9 but had the fingerprint reader removed and another additional camera added. What it means is that both devices will sport an in – display scanner. What do you think? Drop your comment below.



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