Most Reliable and Cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria You should consider

Reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria

Reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria

Looking to set up a website for the Nigerian and African market? Thinking of the best reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria at the moment? Then you are at the right place, I will be listing the best reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria.

Of course, there are lots of web hosting companies in Nigeria, but which of them is reliable and dependable? You need the best web hosting service so that your site can load fast and also be stable in the long run.

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Compiling this list, there are lots of things to put into consideration. Like storage and bandwidth, price, customer service, security, backups, uptime and speed. These are the best reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria

Most Reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria

Reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria

1. HostGator Cloud

Simply the best. HostGator is the fastest web host on the planet and caters to the African market as well. Though it doesn’t have a presence in Nigeria, it is a great hosting company you can host your website.

It doesn’t matter where you are, HostGator has everything you are looking for in web hosting. So if you are planning to get a website up running with great speed, HostGator is one of the most reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria. It’s a little too pricey but if you are looking out for the best, then a few extra coins shouldn’t be a problem.

Costing as high as N28,980/year and boasting of 2x faster load time with cPanel included. It offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, adapts quickly to your site’s traffic to eliminate overload.

2. QServers

The best local Nigerian web hosting service, it is made in Nigeria for Nigerians. So it is no surprise that it is ranked #2 on my list of most reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria.

This local web host is very affordable with a starter pack of N3,500 and a standard rate of N17,000/year. It offers 30GB disk space and 120GB bandwidth with 100% uptime guaranteed.

3. Whogohost

From the name, you will know this is a core Nigerian web hosting company. In terms of popularity in Nigeria, no web hosting service beats Whogohost. Although its speed can’t be compared to the first two, it sure is reliable in Nigeria with a standard rate of N21,500/year.

It features 25GB disk storage, 75GB bandwidth and offers free .ng domain with unlimited SQL databases and FTP accounts.

4. SiteGround

Offers an excellent web hosting service from anywhere in the world, it offers almost the same performance with HostGator but less expensive. For Nigerians, SiteGround delivers their site from a server close to the country for quicker regional speeds.

It features daily backups, 100% uptime and 30days charge back, if you are not happy with the service. SiteGround standard price is N14,945/year, but there are days they give extra discount.

5. Web4Africa

Just as the name suggests, this web hosting service focuses on the African market and is the second most popular web host in Nigeria. The sites’ speed hosted by this company is a little bit slow with an average response time of 408.1 ms.

It features 20GB disk storage, 200GB bandwidth and a Basic web builder. It also offers a free SSL certificate and free nightly backups, and a standard rate of N24,000/year.


Easily secure your website with this service, offering bank transfers and supports .ng domains with ease. It has a 24/7 customer support to help you out and 99.9% uptime.

It features 10GB disk storage and 100GB bandwidth, if the storage and bandwidth won’t be enough, then you’ll have to pay extra to enjoy larger limits. The average standard rate on Domainking is N20,000/year.

7. Utiware

This Nigerian host is one of a kind, although its not as fast as the rest with an average response time of 716.3 ms. It features 15GB disk storage, 25GB bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, eTextMail included and over 120 emails. Utiware has an average rate of about N20,000/year.

8. SMartWeb Online Solutions

Launched in 2004, this web hosting company has a reputation it doesn’t want to let go of. They offer unlimited storage from 10GB depending on your subscription package. It features 30GB bandwidth and an average rate of N20,000/year.

9. Registeram

Pronounced “register am” is a very affordable web hosting service offering domain name registration and web hosting as well. It features 30GB storage and 25GB bandwidth, and an average rate of about N18000/year.

10. HostNowNow

Another good web hosting service made in Nigeria for Nigerians. The offers lots of hosting option like shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. One of the cheapest on the list and reliable as well, with just N3,000 you can host your site on HostNowNow.


Web hosting service made in Nigeria can’t compete with international hosting companies at the moment. They offer a faster website experience and lots of other quality features the local hosting company won’t give to you. But if you must use a local one, then give QServers a try, they won’t disappoint.

Which of the above hosting companies are you currently using and how is your experience with them? and which of them will you say are your most reliable web hosting companies in Nigeria?


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