How to Restart Phones Without Power Button

how to restart phone without power button

Many a time we find ourselves in a very frustrating situation just because we can’t power our phone off due to a faulty power button. So if you find yourself in this precarious situation and you are searching for how to restart your phone without a power button, then you are on the right page.

So if your phone’s power button faulty and no longer works as intended, there are ways you can restart your smartphone without pressing the power button. In this article, we’ll be showing you different tips and tutorials to help you restart your phone without a power button.

It is always frustrating to use a smartphone with a faulty or broken power button. This is because the power button method is the route most people take to restart their phones. But after reading this post, you’ll learn not one, but several routes you can take to restart your phone. You can also share this post with friends and family so that they could learn too.

Ways to Restart your Phone Without the Power Button

restart phone without power button

Scheduling Power ON/OFF

For this method, go to the phone settings and enable “Schedule On/Off”. By doing this, you’ll be able to set a timer for when your phone should “OFF” and also when it should “ON”. The phone automatically restarts when it offs and then on. So you see, with the scheduling power on/off, you don’t need the power button to restart your phone.

Plug the Phone into a USB or Electric charger

This is the most common and arguably the most effective method on how to restart a phone without a power button. This method allows you to let your phone’s battery run out and then plug in your charger. Once the phone receives power, it will essential boot back up hence restarting. Though it takes a while for the battery to come back up.

Enter Recovery Mode or Boot Menu and Reboot the Phone

You can restart your phone without a power button by simply rebooting it. This can be done by pressing a few button combinations on the phone. In most smartphones, the combinations are the Home + Volume Up or the Home + Volume Down button. It will trigger the phone into what is called the “Recovery Mode” or “Boot Menu”. Once the phone is in that mode, you’ll need to navigate to the “reboot system now” tab from the list of tab options displayed, using your phone’s volume buttons or by pressing on the touchscreen.

“Double-tap to sleep” and “Double-tap to wake” Options

This is a solid method to use if you’re looking for how to restart a phone without a power button. The double-tap to sleep and wake feature is common in smartphones lately. The feature ensures that users don’t have to press the phone’s power button often which will ultimately make it faulty. As the name suggests, double-taping the phone’s screen will wake the phone up, if it’s asleep. But if the phone is awake, the double-tap feature will put the phone to sleep. You’ll need to enable this feature in the phone’s settings to use it. Go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Motions and Gestures >> Toggle to Enable Double-tap to Sleep.

Download The Power Button to Volume Button Mobile App

Android is by far the mobile OS with the highest users, there is an application for anything and everything. Just like the Schedule power on/off, there are Android applications that can help you restart your phone by just powering OFF and ON your phone. You can see most of these apps on the Google play store and they are free to download. Just go to the play store app and search “power button to volume button app”.

Find A Professional Phone Repair Provider or Engineer

Lastly on how to restart a phone without a power button is to get your phone to a professional phone engineer. To be honest, you won’t enjoy a smartphone whose power button is faulty or broken. You’re better off taking the phone to an engineer you trust and have the power button repaired or fixed. Also, it is a long-term or permanent solution than trying the methods listed above.


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