Samsung announces Galaxy Buds+ with improved battery life

Galaxy Buds+

Samsung is debuting the second generation of the true wireless headset – the Galaxy Buds+. It debuts alongside the Galaxy S20 lineup and serves as a pre-order bonus when you order any of the Galaxy S20 phones.

Compatibility isn’t an issue for the Galaxy Buds+ as it works perfectly with any Android or iOS device. The headset comes with a 2-way speaker (tweeter and woofer) that are tuned naturally by AKG. The body colour options we have here are Blue, Red, Black and White. The Galaxy Buds+ comes with two pairs of rubber tips, allowing you to select the tip best suited for your ears.

Galaxy Buds+

The headset doesn’t support active noise cancellation which is surprising. However, it does feature three microphones with ambient pass-through allowing you to be aware of your surrounding while listening.

Each bud has a battery capacity of 85 mAh, which is a major upgrade from the 58 mAh available on the first generation buds. 11 hours of playback is expected and twice the number with the protective case. The battery can be charged with either a USB-C cable or Qi wireless charging.

Pre-order for the Galaxy Buds+ starts from February 14. You can get it earlier as a bonus when you pre-order a Galaxy S20 phone. For the US market, the Galaxy Buds cost $150 and €170 for the European market.


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