Samsung Foldable Phone & the S10 Series to Launch on February 20


The rumours surrounding the unveiling of the Samsung foldable device seems to be getting to an end. We have been hearing about the Samsung foldable device since November last year. The device was also displayed at the CES event this year by Samsung to a few people. We have been hearing rumours that the device will be launched together with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series on February 20 this year.

Finally, it seems that rumour might be true. It now seems that Samsung will be launching the S10 series and the foldable device on February 20. We have stumbled upon the latest video that Samsung posted in twitter which was titled “The future of mobile will unfold on February 20, 2019”. There was no information about the foldable device in the video. What we only saw is a text written: “The future unfolds”.

If you can recall, Samsung posted a promo video about the device which gave us a clue on how the device will look like. According to the video, the device will come with two displays – one that has 4.58 – inch and the other that has 7.3 – inch.

The smaller display which will sit on the outer cover of the device will have a 21:9 aspect ratio with 1960×480 pixels resolution. While the larger display will have a 4.2:3 aspect ratio together with a resolution of 2152×1536 pixels.

The event is only just nine days ahead so we hope to hear more about the device in the coming days or during the official unveiling of the flagship.

What do you think about this foldable device?


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