Samsung looking ahead of fingerprints scanner to try out palm-scanning

Samsung patents palm-scanning

Samsung patents palm-scanning

Samsung is testing out palm-scanning, which promises to be more secure than Fingerprint and Face ID combined. The human body has lots of parts, which are formed uniquely by each individual. From fingerprints, ear auricles, our actual faces, irises and now palm lines, the list goes on.

It seems phone manufacturers are capitalizing on these like crazy to offer us lots of unlocking methods. Smartphones are now being more secured, with iris unlock, face unlock and fingerprint unlock. These unlock methods are being packed all together on some devices.

Samsung seems to be doing what they know how to do best, adding an extra biometric scan, the palm recognition. Although the palm scanning doesn’t work as you think, it w on’t be used for unlocking your phone, just for password hints.

The feature scans the user’s palm lines after you take a picture with the phone’s camera. Then, whenever you forget your password, you can easily use the camera to take a photo of your hand and verify your identity to the phone. When properly recognized, the device will display different letters of your password. The password would be all over the palm lines on the photo you just took.

Samsung patents palm-scanning

That’s a bit weird and complex, right? I think so too, and it also means someone else would be able to access the device if they force you to open your palm. But I guess that’s also very possible with the fingerprint scanner unlock.

Not a big fan of this, let’s hope its just an option and not the only unlock feature on any device. Nevertheless, Samsung might actually make it less complicated, let’s see if it ever gets implemented into tech.


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