How to search Facebook without an account

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Do you want to learn about how to search Facebook without an account? Facebook might be regarded as one of the world’s largest social networks but not everyone is on it. Some people have either deleted their Facebook accounts due to the slew of scandals and persistent data-mining allegations or abandoned them for the newer and trending social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. So let’s assume you don’t have a Facebook account for whatever reason, but would like to check if a friend or family member is still on the platform, we’ll provide you with five ways or methods to search Facebook and see if they are still on the network.

Following, the severe backlash from users, Facebook has tightened its user privacy. In previous years, you can look up a person’s entire Facebook posts, photos, videos, likes, comments, and more easily. As a result, the methods or ways listed in this post will only work if the target user did not lock their Facebook profile with the highest privacy settings. The profile has to be “searchable” for any of these methods to work.

Facebook Directory: Search Without an Account

When it comes to how to search Facebook without an account, one of the best methods is via Facebook Directory . The directory lets you do a cursory search of profiles without having a Facebook account or logging into one. You can search for people, pages, and groups, but remember that you’ll only see results of people who have not switched off “public discover-ability”. The search result list is sorted alphabetically and usually includes very few names on the first search page.

Search Facebook via Search Engines

If you’re unsuccessful in finding the Facebook profile using the Facebook Directory, you should try using search engines. Yes, search engines are a good way to search on Facebook without having an account. Facebook is search engine optimized, so most of their profiles, posts, and pages are displayed on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Duck Duck Go.

To find someone’s Facebook profile, do a regular web search on a search engine with their name but indicate that you only want to see results from Facebook. For example, I want to search for LeBron James Facebook account. I’ll type on this on Google – “LeBron James site:”, Google will show results only from Facebook due to the “site:” I included. The result will feature all Facebook profiles with LeBron James. Note once again, that only profiles that have not set their personal privacy controls to restrict visibility will be displayed. Every Facebook profile has the option to hide their account from search engines or search in general.

search Facebook via Social Search Engines

Another method on how to search Facebook without an account is via social search engines. It is somewhat similar to general search engines like Google and Bing, it uses algorithms to specifically sift through the wide range of information about individuals on social media. Some of the most popular free social search engines are Social Searcher and Snitch Name . But if you want to make deep research and don’t mind spending, then you can subscribe to a service like Social Mention . Remember that your search is hinged on the user’s Facebook privacy settings, so you might end up paying for a subscription and not get what you’re looking for.

People Search Engines

People search engine is a finder service that proclaims to help people search for their long-lost friends or searching for someone they met at a concert or party. Their search results aren’t Facebook-specific, it is an aggregation of everything their web-crawlers can find on the web about the keyword you entered. An example of a people search engine is Pipl , a premium service with monthly charges that lets you find more information about people on Facebook.


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