Simple ways to stop Glo Auto renewal

Glo data plans

How to stop Auto Renewal on Glo. According to Glo, one can subscribe to any of its data plans by following simple instructions but the most frustrating issue we gonna discuss here is ” without consent Glo auto renewal “ that automatically renews the plan you are on whenever you recharge up to the amount you subscribed or more than that. Many people think this is fraudulent, hence the search for a way out.


In this post you will learn How to stop Auto Renewal on Glo.  Many people have been frustrated many and also lose their airtime due to auto renewal services in most Nigerian Networks. This sucks really but no panic, here is How to stop Glo Auto Renewal below.

How to stop Auto Renewal on Glo

To stop Auto renewal on Glo, send CANCEL to 127 as a text message. Then you will be sent a message telling you that you have successfully cancelled the auto renewal services. It’s that easy and they will stop deducting your money unless you want to subscribe by yourself.

How to Subscribe to Glo data plan

You can subscribe to any of the Glo plans by sending the corresponding keyword to 127, by SMS.

Just send MENU to 127 by SMS to receive the plan codes or simply dial *777# and follow the instructions to subscribe. I want to believe this is how many of us subscribe to Glo data plan before finding ourselves in the Glo Auto renewal palaver. Like I said there is a way out.

This is Glo statement on Auto Renewal

HSI packages can be renewed automatically or manually when the subscription expires. Automatic renewal can be set on any package via the Self Care Portal. To ensure successful automatic renewal of subscription, you need to make sure that sufficient credit is on your line by the date of renewal. The system will notify you of the renewal date, prior to this date, by text.

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The statement said that subscribers will be notified before placement on Auto Renewal but in most cases such is not the case because they have already programmed their systems to keep deducting your airtime for a particular service you once used once it has expired, until you send a particular code to their server showing that you are no more interested in paying for that plan

Hope this post was helpful? Don’t forget to share and comment for others to benefit. I will also update you on how to stop Auto renewal on Airtel, MTN and Etisalat in my next articles.


  1. Please i’m tired of Glo deducting my money just because of auto renewal of data. I was told to text CANCLE as a message to 127. But expecting them to tell me it’s successful but i was told (FOR YOU TO KNOW MORE ABOUT GLO DATA TYPE *777#). And i’m tired o


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