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SIMS FreePlay is a free to play Android game created by Electronic Arts, the same creators of the Android game called “The SIMS”.

Both The SIMS and SIMS Freeplay are among the SIMS series of games. They are also a simulator game which means that it simulates real-life happenings.

SIMS FreePlay brings a whole new experience to the world of simulator games with lots of fun things to do in the game.

You get to create your own story and have it progress whichever way you want. In this game, you can customise things like your home, wardrobe, outfits and more.

Do you want a swimming pool in your home? You can do that. Do you want new wallpaper in your home? You can do that. Almost, if not everything you can think of in this game can be customised to your taste provided you have the required amount of in-game currency to do that.

Benefits of SIMS Freeplay Apk Mod

Speaking of the in-game currency, this modded version comes with a lot of it which will help you customise everything you want without paying a dime.

You also get to live a normal life in the game and do normal everyday things we do real life, like fall in love, get married, have kids, start whatever career you what and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Simply put, anything you can do real life, you can as well do it in this game and this is one thing I like about this game. It gives the real feel when playing like you’re actually living life on your smartphone and not just playing a game. Thanks to the modded version with everything unlocked and unlimited money/LP, you can do anything and everything you want in the game.

How To Download SIMS FreePlay Apk Mod

Before you start downloading the game, you should know that the SIMS FreePlay Apk Mod comes in two versions; a normal one which I like to call the global one and a North American Version, both of which have been modded with the unlimited money/LP.

Choose whichever one you want from the download links below.

  • Download SIMS FreePlay Apk Mod here
  • Download SIMS FreePlay Apk Mod NA Version here

After downloading the game which weighs about 30MB, head straight to the settings menu on your Android device, click on security and toggle on “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources“. Once that is done, you can then go ahead and install the game, Launch and enjoy.

SIMS Freeplay Game Screenshots

SIMS Freeplay Apk Mod Download SIMS Freeplay Apk


SIMS FreePlay is a very enjoyable game which you’ll definitely like if you are to simulator games. It has managed to gather more than 100M+ downloads on the Google play stores with an impressive 4.0 out of 5 ratings. Definitely worth playing.


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