Smule App: The #1 Singing App, Review and FAQs

Smule Singing App

What is Smule?

Smule is an American startup located at San Francisco. They specialize in the development of social music-making applications which are released in Android, iOS as well as for PC.

They initially released Sing! Karaoke in 2012 for iOS and for Android in 2013. This interactive singing app became so popular that very soon, almost 20 million songs were daily uploaded in their database. The name of the app was changed to Smule and as per CNET, in 2018, it became the biggest interactive singing app available on the internet.

Why Should You Use This Smule App?

A question may arise to you, that Karaoke version of popular songs along with lyrics is available on YouTube as well. So, why to use a separate app for it. Well, by using Smule, you can

  • Have access to their vast database of millions of popular songs with lyrics and music.
  • You can record your song or share a live performance.
  • Apart from singing solo, you can also sing a duet with a fellow Smule user.
  • While singing, you can do real-time tunings like pitch correction or ambient modulation.
  • Using the in-built effects, you can polish your vocals and sound like a complete professional.
  • Apart from recording the vocals, you can also add it to a video, in short, make your own music video.
  • The app also enables you to add visual effects along with multiple video filters to your music video.
  • Not only that, but you can also share your video to any social platform and get discovered by users worldwide.

Is it Really the #1 Singing App as It Claims to Be?

Well, for teenagers who have a secret dream to become a musician, Smule has offered them an amazing application that allows them to share their talent with the world. Although many other Karaoke apps have tried to follow up to the footsteps of Smule, none of them has been able to provide with such a wide range of features that are offered by Smule.

According to Smule, hourly more than 20000 songs are sung by their users. Not only that, you can sing a duet with another person from another corner of the earth, connected via the love for music, share your song to the Smule platform and see it liked, favoured or commented. For amateur musicians, there is no better app till date to project their talent to the outside world.

What the Competitors Have to Say?

An application featuring a unique concept and having such a huge success there got to be some competitions as well. Social networking giant Facebook already launched Lip Sync Live and secured a deal with 3 major recording brands. Another teen favorite lip-syncs app, was bought for over $1 billion last year. Apart from that, there are competitions like Tencent’s products WeSing and StarMaker.

But as the CEO says, what they developed is the result of a long effort and it is not something that can be replicated easily. Well, as users we only hope that they introduce some more features that will make this app a user favourite and surpass the features offered by their competitors.

There have to be some Cons as Well

Like every other application, there are some disadvantages of Smule as well, although very minor and mostly psychological.

For teenagers, some may get delusional about their musical talent only by seeing the increasing number of likes and comments, while the reality is, they may have been using pitch and vocal mods a lot and not really expressing their natural voice to the audience.

Moreover, the premium features of this application have a quite higher price label which may not be pocket-friendly for their target customers, the people in the early twenties. The free version contains so many ads that it creates a lot of disturbance while someone tries to record a music video.

Although Smule’s popularity may not be that much in the United States like it is in other countries, still they have managed to attract the audience with age between 13 and 24. Behaviourally and demographically, this is the audience wanted by most app developers and Smule succeeded in becoming popular among 3.5 million of them. We can hence, undoubtedly say that if you are someone who loves music and in search of a platform where you want to share your talent, Smule is an app which is worth trying.


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