Snapdragon 888+ Visits Geekbench

Snapdragon 888+

American multinational company, Qualcomm has a strict schedule when it comes to the release of their flagship chipset. So it wasn’t surprising to see the Snapdragon 888+ appear on Geekbench less than two months to July, which is when they usually release the plus version with the standard version released in December.

From the test available on Geekbench, the big difference between the SD 888 and SD 888+ is the over-clocked X1 core. The core clocks 3.0GHz on the SD 888+ compared to 2.84GHz on the standard SD 888. Also, the Snapdragon 888+ has four low-power A55 cores which clock at 1.8GHz plus three Cortex-A78 at 2.4GHz.

The test reveals that the Snapdragon 888+ scored 1,171 single-core points and 3,704 multi-core points. The points are similar to what most SD 888-powered devices scored.

For now, there is no information on whether the Snapdragon 888+ will feature a GPU boost. But with its release due in July, expect more information in the coming weeks.


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