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Soccer Mobile Betting Tips

A large number of punters globally place soccer bets several times a month. Some of them have betting accounts at Betway. The bookie allows gamblers to make instant deposits and withdrawals. Some ardent soccer fans assume that they understand the fundamentals of football betting since they watch soccer games regularly. They end up losing bets after failing to research individual players and teams. Here are a few soccer mobile betting tips that can help you be a successful punter.

The Most Common Types of Mobile Soccer Bets

The most renowned sportsbooks provide a broad selection of mobile soccer bets. But, these are the most popular ones:

  • Over/Under bets: this betting option suits amateurs and experienced pundits. Bookmakers offer a particular number of goals and you need to predict whether the total goals will be more or less than the given number. Over and under bets usually have a profit margin of up to eight percent.
  • The match odds bets: analyze the game and predict its possible outcome. Home to win is labelled as 1, draw as X and away to win as 2. At times, the draw option has less odds than those of the underdog.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Mobile-Betting Site?

Consider these five factors to select the best bookie:

1.     Competitive Lines

Successful gamblers who take part in online soccer betting with Betway recommend choosing mobile soccer betting sites with competitive lines. This will increase your profit margin. If you are a beginner, you can compare the lines of several betting firms. Generally, bookies offer lines that are in the same range. But, some of them might have slight differences.

2.     Device Compatibility

Pick a betting site that is compatible with your phone. If the phone hangs while loading particular websites, you might not be able to place live soccer bets in time. Some websites have desktop versions only. It is advisable to contact the customer service when you face some challenges while using a specific website.

3.     Customer Service

An ideal soccer-betting site should have friendly customer representatives with a deep understanding of soccer betting. Besides, it needs to offer unlimited customer support to punters. Some gamblers might have queries about depositing money, withdrawing winnings or having unsettled soccer bets.

4.     Promotions and Bonuses

Some betting firms have resulted in offering regular promotions and bonuses due to the stiff competition in the gambling industry. Such perks help them retain existing clients and attract new gamblers. They include welcome bonuses, and first deposit bonuses. For instance, a bookmaker can provide a 100% bonus if you make a first-time deposit of $250. Yet, it might need you to wager three times with that bonus for you to withdraw it.

5.     Transaction Options

Most betting companies offer a wide selection of transaction options like bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and mobile money. It is wise to use the cheapest and fastest options to have a great soccer betting experience. Moreover, some methods charge a relatively high transaction fee.

Many punters like placing soccer bets on their phones. Mobile betting is convenient as it allows you to wager from any region as long as there is a reliable internet connection. Betway has a user-friendly betting app that you can download on your phone. It provides tips to some of the most anticipated games.

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