Stereo vs Mono Speakers on smartphones


    What are the differences between stereo and mono speakers on smartphones? Which one is better? In this post, we will be taking a look at both types of speakers on smartphones.

    Speakers are one of the least specs or feature we pay attention to when trying to purchase a smartphone. But do you know they really matter a lot? Especially for those of us that play games and music with our phones

    Many people don’t even care about which speakers are on their phones, they just assume all speakers are the same. Well, they aren’t. Having a device with good speakers plays a key role in the quality of the sound output. I am sure you won’t like to hear distorted sound when your phone rings or when listening to your favourite music.

    So what are the differences between stereo and mono speakers?

    Stereo vs Mono Speakers


    Number of Channels i.e. Signals

    One of the main or key differences between stereo and mono speakers is the number of signals they use. The mono speaker makes use of just one signal while the stereo speaker uses two signals.

    In mono sound reproduction, it doesn’t matter how many speakers you use, they all reproduce the same copy of the signal. Whereas, in stereo sound which uses two signal, one signal can go to the first speaker while the second signal goes to another speaker. By doing this, you create perspective, space and directionality.

    Since we have two ears on the opposite side of our head. The stereo speakers are the best one to use. When listening to music on your smartphone via headphone which uses stereo sound, you’ll notice the sound entering the left ear is totally different from the one entering the right ear. It enables you to fully grasp and enjoys the music better.

    While for mono headphones, the sound entering the left ear is identical with the sound entering the right ear. There is no spaciality when it comes to mono speakers.

    Cost of Reproduction

    Cost is one of the major reasons why most phone makers use mono speakers for smartphones. Smartphones with mono speakers are usually cheaper compared to the ones with stereo speakers. It is expensive to record stereo sounds or even reproduce it.

    For example phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series, iPhone 11, Huawei P40 Series or the OnePlus 8 Pro use stereo speakers for better sound reproduction. These phones are quite expensive to buy though, but if you can afford any of them, you will immediately appreciate the sound output as compared to devices with a mediocre speaker.

    When it comes to the differences between stereo vs mono speakers on smartphones, there is no denying which is the better one. The stereo speaker has the better audio quality and better bass.


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