Sterling Bank Recharge Code: How to Buy Airtime for self and others

Sterling Bank Recharge code to buy airtime

As a sterling Bank customer, it is interesting to know that you can easily recharge your phone by buying airtime from your bank.

Sterling Bank is one of the top banks in Nigeria that has made transactions seamless for its customers. The bank has an online banking platform where customers can access to do any transactions of their choice.

Sterling Bank Recharge code

There is also a dedicated mobile app that has all the necessary features that make life easy. These include the ability to send money from your sterling bank account to another bank, payment of utility bills, and recharging of airtime for self and others.

Hence in this post, we shall be looking at the code to buy airtime from your Sterling bank account.

Sterling Bank Recharge Code and how to use it

Before you start using the sterling bank recharge code, it is important you know some few things about this process and we shall be answering some of your questions about it here

What are the charges for using Sterling bank recharge code?

Using sterling bank code to recharge your line is absolutely free and you won’t be charged for this.

What is the maximum amount I can recharge?

The maximum amount of airtime one can recharge per day is of N20,000 Naira airtime.

If you will like to increase this daily limit, then you will have to visit the nearest Sterling bank branch or contact customer care online.

What is the code to buy airtime from Sterling Bank?

The code you can use to buy airtime from Sterling Bank is *822#

So let’s show you how to use the code

How to Buy airtime with Sterling Bank Recharge code

With this code, you can buy airtime for yourself and for others

  • To recharge for self, just dial * 822*AMOUNT#. For example, if you want to buy N500 Airtime, you will dial *822*500# and send
  • To recharge for others, you will dial *822*AMOUNT*MOBILE NO# For example, if you want to recharge N500 Airtime for a friend, you will dial *822*500# and send
  • You will need to enter your Sterling PIN or the last 4-digit of your ATM card number authenticate the transaction.
  • Finally, you will receive a debit alert from Sterling bank that your account has been debit and also a message will pop up on the number you are recharging that the said amount of airtime has been recharged on your phone number.



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