Cubot P20: A Huawei P20 Pro Look-Alike

Cubot P20 feature

Cubot P20 was unveiled by the company a couple of weeks ago as the company’s first smartphone with the notch. The P20 name sounds like Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone not because it has a Triple camera but because of its design direction. There’s 4GB RAM and …

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Alcatel 5V Full Specs Review and Price

Alcatel 5V feature

Alcatel 5V has been introduced by the company as its latest smartphone with notch display. The company released a couple of smartphones during the 2018 MWC with a full view screen. However, the latest trend is the notch display and the company didn’t want to …

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Sharp B10 Full Specs, Review and Price

Sharp B10 was recently launched alongside the Aquos C10 we reviewed earlier. The device was introduced in Germany and the first buyers will be getting a free 24-inch TV. Flowing with the current trend, the device dishes out an 18:9 aspect ratio screen. There’s 3GB …

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Intex Infie 33 Full Specification and Review

Intex Infie 33 is the latest smartphone released by Intex in India. The company is known for making the most affordable smartphones and the Infie 33 falls in that category. This budget-friendly beauty comes with the trending Face ID feature and 18:9 aspect ratio screen. …

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Intex Infie 3 Full Specs, Review and Price

Intex Infie 3 feature

Intex Infie 3 is a low-end smartphone that was launched by India based OEM Intex. The device was introduced alongside the Infie 33 we reviewed earlier. Although it doesn’t come with the Face ID feature which we saw on the Infie 33. However, it sports …

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Oppo Find X Price, Key Specs and Features

Oppo Find X

Last month, Oppo stunned the world with its innovative Flagship device, the Oppo Find X. The device boasts a motorized camera mechanism that pops up each time you open the camera app. Not only that, the device also stands tall from the crowd in terms …

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