Samsung Galaxy A30 Full Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy A30

Samsung Galaxy A30 is Samsung’s newest offering in the mid-range segment, borrowing a lot of its features and specs from it’s bigger brother the Samsung Galaxy A50. Just like its big brother, it has a 6?4-inch 1080p+ Super AMOLED display, however, the fingerprint sensor here …

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Best Samsung Phones and Their Prices in Nigeria

What is the most popular phone brand in Nigeria? Samsung? Apple? Or Tecno? That question might be tough to answer. But what remains indubitable is that the Samsung brand is a major player in the smartphone industry of this country. And this even extends to …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 img

Following the major bustling, leaks and rumours relating to the newly launched brand, Samsung finally launches the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Already, much has been said and known about the phone before its release, there are still some things that need to be discussed …

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Samsung Galaxy J6 Full Specs Review

Samsung Galaxy J6 specs

Samsung Galaxy J6 was one of the smartphones released by Samsung from the J series recently. The Galaxy J6 is an update to the J4 smartphone and brings enhanced features and impressive specs. The first thing you’d notice is the bezel-less and bigger display. But …

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Samsung Galaxy J8 Full Specs Review

Samsung Galaxy J8 specs

Samsung Galaxy J8 is the bigger brother of the J series that was launched recently by Samsung. The Galaxy J8 comes with enhanced and improved features compared to the J6. Apart from being bezel-less, it now comes with a dual rear camera. Internally, there are …

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Samsung Galaxy J4 Full Specs Review

Samsung Galaxy J4  is an entry-level smartphone for light users and first time Android users. Of course, it runs on the latest Android 8.0 operating system with Samsung’s Experience user interface. Most importantly is the 16:9 aspect ratio, making the phone look like it was …

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