Textplus App: Uses and How to Download on Android


Have you ever imagined calling, messaging, or chatting your loved ones for long durations without charges? Textplus is that application that brings such imagination to reality. With Textplus App, communicating with families, friends, business partners, and others is made fast and easy.

It can be accessed anytime, any day, and all within your comfort zones. Textplus app is a free mobile application that makes text and calls readily available at the cheapest rate ever. Keeping in touch with family and friends has never been this convenient, devoid of needless interruptions.

Some of the cool features of Textplus app include the ease of making voice and video calls even with others who do not have the app; picture messaging and transfer is convenient; both inbound and outbound calls are conveniently cheap for several years of usage.

It offers you the ability to transfer private and bulk messages at zero cost to desired recipients at any moment around the globe, and it also comes with a simple user interface with a cool integration with android terminals. The features can only be accessed by registered users; only this set of users have unlimited access to enjoy the application to its maximum.

Free credit facility is made available to new users and to make calls to non-users of Textplus; however, subscription to the service is required. It is a robust piece of software for users, who stay abroad get in touch with relatives in their home country without having to break the bank. Registered users can modify some of the features of the app to meet the personal taste, such as customizing ringtones and app themes, among others.

Other Key Uses of Textplus App

  • Transfer of private and group text; SMS and MMS
  • Unrestricted calls with family, friends, business partners, among others at home and abroad
  • Convenient video and audio calls
  • Accessibility of previous chats and call histories for reference purposes
  • Help to increase the saving potential of users on recharge and mobile data plans
  • Swift reply and receipts of both voice and video messages
  • Modifiable app themes, tones, text among others
  • Requires only Wi-Fi or data connections
  • It possesses a unified ability of receipt and transmission of messages concurrently
  • Availability of voice mail for passive and active communication.
  • Earnest privacy of voice & video calls details as well as transfer of trendy pictures and other documents.

Textapp is a good choice of application for individuals who consider the need for privacy; it is the first-choice app for kids, travelers and especially individuals who are conscious of costs on mobile bills.

Procedures for Textplus App Download on Android Devices

Textplus App

The steps involved to download the App on Android quite simple and straight forward.

  • Search for Textplus app on Google Play Store from android device
  • From the displayed search result, click on the install button to install Textplus app and enjoy it.

Or simply download Textplus app directly from the Play Store.

The recently updated version is Version 7.6.2 with the size, 28 MB, and it works well with Android version 6.0 and above. Also, it is important you regularly update your Textplus app to continuously enjoy newly added features.

Important Tips

  • Price charges apply to switch to country selected plans, and payments are charged to iTunes account
  • Automatic charges and renewal of subscription except in the case of absent auto-renewal within few days to the end of the current subscription
  • Renewal regulation can be made via iTunes Account settings
  • During active subscription, to terminate current subscription is not permissible
  • 911 in the US is not supported in Textplus app
  • Credits purchase is required to make most outbound calls
  • Push notifications must be active to receive messages and calls

Switch to the Textplus app today to boost your savings level and keep in touch regularly!


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