The Best Resumes Creating Apps on iPhone and iPad

Resume CV Builder & Designer For Your Job Search

Resumes are like the first impression to a potential employer and should be up-to-date at all time with every good quality about you.

If you have a computer/laptop then editing your resume shouldn’t be a deal.

However, you can’t really do much while on the go with a laptop due to its size.

Whether it’s creating a fresh new resume or adding a couple more details to your existing one. With a smartphone like an iPhone or iPad, you can get a lot done with its small factor, even on the go.

Picture this…

You’re on your way to a job interview and it just occurs to you that your resume is missing something very important which needs to be added.

You can simply bring out your iPhone or iPad, Edit your resume or even create a new one in transit.

With that being said, let’s get down to the apps that can do the magic.

Best Resumes Creating Apps On iPhone and iPad

Resume Builder – CV Builder

Resume Builder does exactly what it says. It allows you to create a resume or build CVs from scratch.

You can also create multiple resumes for different positions in your industry, make different changes and also review example resumes so as to get an idea of how to build yours.

Once you’re done building your resume, you can quality send it directly to an employer via email or you can mail it to yourself have a copy of it.

The app is free to download and use on iPhone and iPad however, you’ll be shown some ads occasionally. You can remove the ad by paying a small fee which will also add some premium features. Overall the app is its and is definitely worth checking out.

Resume Builder By Nobody

Resume Builder by Nobody is also a good resume/CV Builder.

It lets you bring everything an employer would need to one place. Things like your contact details, work experience, education, skills and a whole lot more.

There is even an additional section where you can get to add things affiliations, publications etc.

The finished resume can be saved to your device in a PDF format which is standard for documents.

You can also share or send the PDF file when you’re done.

The app, which is free, is available on iPhone, iPad and even Mac.

There is also a pro version which you can get through in-app purchases and for that, you’ll get extra/additional features to make your resume even better.

Resume: CV Builder & Designer For Your Job Search

If it is your first time creating a CV then Resume: CV Builder & Designer for Your Job search is for you.

The app is very simplistic and very easy to understand which makes it very easy for a first-timer.

The app also features a step-by-step guide for those creating on for the first time. You go through each section one at a time adding education, skills, contact information and the rest.

You can also change the fonts, colours and sections while creating the resume at any time you want.

This particular app is available for just iPhone and free to use. However, you can get some additional features like the rest of the apps on this list via the in-app purchases.


With any of these app installed on your device, you don’t need a computer to create or even edit your existing Resume. Best part? You can do it on the go.


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