Tinder’s new Super Boost feature to increase your profile views by 100 times


Tinder users get excited. Your whole online dating experience is going to get even more attractive and productive as well. The leading team of the famous dating app has recently informed their user base over plans of adding a new unique feature.

Super Boost feature, which is about to be launched soon, is designed to provide an opportunity to its Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscribed users purchase an updated version to increase the number of potential matches by 100 times. You read that right. According to Tinder’s announcement with Super Boost on hand, your Tinder profile will appear to 100 times more online users that it has now. For the sake of comparison, current Tinder Boost increases your profile views by only 10 times.

Tinder Plus

“We’re testing the ability for Tinder Gold and Plus subscribers to purchase an upgrade that helps them cut to the front and be seen by up to 100x more potential matches. Yep, you read that correctly: up.to.one.hundred.times.more.views. Get ready for Super Boost” Tinder’s announcement read.

Tinder is also planning to offer you better insights over how well your pickup lines turned out to be. The new read receipts feature will tell you how many of your messages have been read by your potential matches so you can make proper and well-informed decisions about your future Tinder messages.

In order for the read-receipts feature to work on Tinder, both users must have activated this tool. Read receipts will be activated by default, but every user has the opportunity to independently switch on and off the feature if he or she does not want other to know if he/she has read their messages.

Unfortunately, Tinder has so far not revealed detailed information about how much the purchasing of the Super Boost feature will cost you. It is common for Tinder prices to depend on different factors including users’ age, location.

It also remains a mystery about how long the promotion will last. However, they have made it clear that their plan to is to run Super Boost during “peak hours” and at night when users’ activity is the highest. This is actually good news for many inexperienced Tinder users who fail to recognize the perfect time to apply their actual Tinder Boost and cut the line to appear to more potential matches.

Lastly, Tinder has called for awareness that Super Boost is temporarily running as a test and it may happen that the feature is not available for all in the present. If it turns effective it is likely that everyone has a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus version will be able to purchase it soon.


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