Top 5 Best Messaging Apps for Android you must have

Best Messaging apps for Android

If you are looking for the best messaging apps for Android to download on your android device then you’ve definitely come to the right spot. Getting a good messaging app can be tasking especially with all the messaging apps available for download on the Google play store. We’ve done the hard work for you by coming up with the top 5 messaging apps for Android device you ought to have installed by now or go install immediately.

Top 5 Messaging Apps for Android


Best Messaging apps for Android

WhatsApp needs no introduction and the people who don’t have this app already installed on their device or Haven’t heard about this app probably don’t own a smartphone. WhatsApp offers basically everything you would want in a messaging app – free voice and video calls, encryption on messages, simply to use and much more features.

The only reason why WhatsApp tops this list and not telegram as telegram obviously has a lot more features compared to WhatsApp is the fact that WhatsApp has more users than telegram and that’s very important when it comes to messaging apps. You don’t want to tell someone to download a new Messaging app just because you wanna chat with them, right? With WhatsApp installed on your android device, you can pretty much chat with 8 out of 10 people using a smartphone as they most likely already have it installed on their device.

Download: WhatsApp Apk


Telegram is relatively new in the messaging app industry but has since become one of the most used messaging apps on mobile gathering over 200 million active users in just 4 years. Chances are, you already have this app installed on your device and if you don’t, then you need to go download it as soon as possible.

Telegram focuses on speed and security and that’s what it gives. They boast of being the fastest messaging app on the market, thanks to their unique distributed network of data centres around the globe. Telegram is free to use and there are no ads in the app. The app is fun to use with stickers and GIFs. Telegram groups can take up to 100,000 members and you can send any file size via telegram. Most importantly, it is also simple and easy to use, especially for first-timers. This is possibly the best all-round messaging app you can have on your Android device right now.

Download: Telegram Apk


Over one Billion People all around the world are using WeChat to communicate, Why? It is much better than most messaging apps, more popular in China and easier to use even to the point that anyone can use it seamlessly without needing help, even a first timer.

It is also versatile in terms of features and has everything you would ever think of needing from a messaging app. You can send text messages, voice message, photos and even send videos. You can also create groups with up to 500 members, make a group video call with up to 9 participants, make free international and local calls and share your real-time location with your friends. Speaking about friends, you can meet new ones from the “friends’ radar”, “People Nearby” or “Shake” to meet friends’ options available in the app.

Download: WeChat Apk

  1. VIBER


VIBER was one of the first messaging apps on Android to bring voice calls over the internet connection and they currently still do. In fact, asides from being able to send messages and make high-quality international and local voice calls, you can now make video calls.

With VIBER, you get a messaging app you can use to make hassle-free, long and short distance calls through your internet connection. Messages sent on VIBER are also encrypted so you can be sure that only you and the receiver of the message will see the message. You can also capture and send a 30-second video message. With VIBER, you can make both that local and international call without spending a dime, that is of course, if you have an active Internet connection.

Download: Viber Apk

  1. LINE-Free Calls & Messages

Some of you might know LINE, Some of you might not. For those of you that don’t, LINE does exactly what it says in its name – Free Calls (Both voice and video) and messages. With LINE, you can not only message your friends and family and whoever you want to, but you can also call them or video call them on the go from wherever you are.

LINE is the number 1 messaging app in more than 50 countries, why? It offers you free voice and video calls as well as free messaging wherever you are. It is also free to download and very convenient to use with tons of features like fun stickers to lighten up the conversation, auto-sync feature that syncs your android message to your PC so you can pick up anywhere just where you left off among other nice features.

Download: Line Apk


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