Top Best Fashion Apps for Android and iPhone


What are the most powerful Android and iOS apps for fashion enthusiasts? The answer to this important is just a few moments away. So here you get to know the best fashion apps 2019, the best fashion shopping apps, fashion apps for iPhone, fashion apps for guys, Polyvore app

Any tech-savvy fash­ion­ista who knows their onions is a regular on In­sta­gram, but did you know a plethora of other apps are available for Android and IOS to up your style game? The Internet and social media sites have introduced changes in how we thought about fashion, and with just a tap of your phone and the right fashion app, you can carry out many activities smoothly, including crowd­sourc­ing style ad­vice; buying clothes, accessories, handbags, and shoes; on-the-go mood­boards; and so on.

There is some­thing for everyone on the Play Store and the App Store. With these digital tools, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and styles in fashion, and shopping for stuff are now more fun, a lot easier than they have ever been.

10 Best Fashion Apps for Android and iOS Phones

If you intend to shop for some unique, expensive, or nifty items; organize your closet; and search for new brands or designers, we have handpicked the top fashion apps for Android and iOS for you:


With over 20 million users on Android and iOS smartphones, Etsy is definitely among the most popular independent online marketplaces. The platform features millions of unique items, which are designed by a bevy of talented artists and other kinds of creators. These items include jewelry, clothing, art, and furniture. Also, Etsy provides Android Pay/Apple Pay support and shipping details. It lets you establish communication with shop owners through the app directly. While the app might not follow all latest fashion trends out there, its features and services are simply one of a kind. You will find some truly excellent items on Etsy, and it is 100% free.

  • Download Etsy from the Play Store
  • Download Etsy from iTunes


This online marketplace focuses on beauty products, and its inventory features different kinds of make-up, skin care products, nail polish, and other tools, such as brushes, etc. Hush works like the majority of store apps is one of the Best Fashion Apps for Android and iPhone.  When you download and install the app, you can browse the inventory, put items in wish lists, get notified about sales, and place an order on things directly using this software. Hush is an excellent place to find various beauty items for complimenting any outfits you intend to wear.

  • Download Hush from the Play Store
  • Download Hush from iTunes


The Pinterest app is yet another super-cool app for ideas. On the online platform, people post every kind of stuff, which sometimes includes the latest fashion trends, creative ideas for homemade items, and other unique things. On Pinterest, you pin items that you are interested into your profile for future use. It is a social media app that comes with a variety of sharing features, making it quite handy and easy to use with your friends. Even so, making use of the app all by yourself is not also a bad experience. Pinterest is a fascinating spot to get acquainted with what is trending in the fashion community and is also an ideal place to source for those rare gems.


iPSY-Best Fashion Apps for Android

Ipsy shares a lot of similarities with Hush and is equally ranks among the Best Fashion Apps for Android and iPhone. In this store app, you can browse and order makeup, various skin care products, nail polish, brushes, and many other beauty & care products. Ipsy stands out from the pack with a $10/month Ipsy Bag. The app serves as a small but fantastic assortment of semi-randomized beauty products, which are offered in a little makeup bag. You are to pay $10 every month, and the items get shipped to your home.

  • Download Ipsy from the Play Store
  • Download Ipsy from iTunes


Poshmark is also worthy of mention in a list of popular fashion apps. The platform serves as an online marketplace, with a number of similarities with websites, like eBay or Craigslist. On this service, users offer clothes, shoes, and other fashion stuff for sale. Poshmark is a great place for buying and selling. You can remove clothes that didn’t suit your style or those you no longer need, while people searching for that fashion can choose a new outfit from the ones in your old wardrobe.



Tumblr is a social media service that offers beautiful fashion stuff and allows you to follow basically anything you want, one of which is obviously fashion. The site is commonly used by popular fashion personalities, some hobbyists and other people from all walks of life. Tumblr is also an exciting platform to find one-of-a-kind fashion items, fashion ideas, and the latest fashion trends. It also provides beauty tips, tutorials, and other learning tools, too.

  • Download Tumblr from the Play Store
  • Download Tumblr from iTunes


This is another top beauty store that comes with a lot of decent features and is one of my favourite among the Best Fashion Apps for Android and iPhone. Sephora contains items, such as makeup, skin care products, nail polish, and different kinds of beauty tools. It is quite similar to Ipsy or Hush. Sephora lets you capture a selfie and upload the photo to the app, from where you can try on makeup, virtually, in different shades to determine if it is suitable for your skin colour, eye colour, and so on.



Twitter is also great for fashion, just like Tumblr is. The big social media platform has over 300 million members and lots of famous personalities, fashion bloggers, models, etc. These users give loads of helpful information, links to recent and trendy stuff, and the most recent news. Twitter is an amazing place for fashion-related things. If the official Twitter app doesn’t work on your smartphone, there are also other apps of the social network.


This video-sharing platform is an obvious choice for fashion apps. Among the millions of users on YouTube are tons of fashion people, popular personalities, bloggers, and so on. The app is perfect to know the latest fashions, partake in and listen to the discussion, and lots more. Occasionally, YouTube also offers a live stream of a fashion event. YouTubers, whose niches are beauty and fashion, are quite very popular, too.

  • Download YouTube from the Play Store
  • Download YouTube from iTunes
  • Your Closet

Sometimes instead of finding new stuff, it is smarter to sort out the ones you already have. Your Closet app is great in this regard as it helps organize your closet for in a neat manner and also give you hints that can help you pick outfits a bit more smoothly. You can snap pictures of your stuff and add them in the app, after which you can then select the top, bottom, as well as accessories, for your outfit from Your Closet app, rather than of rifling through your closet.

Download Your Closet from the Play Store

With the Best Fashion Apps for Android and iPhone, whose features we have highlighted above, you can order whatever you want —anytime and anywhere — as everything is done on the Internet now. The apps also help you stay updated with fashion trends and styles in vogue.


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