Top Best Horror Games For Android 2021

Top Best Horror Games For Android 2018

This post is about the Best Horror Games For Android you can download right now. One of the complicated genres to get over in the entertainment industry is Horror. From Horror movies, novels, virtual and even games, we can confidently conclude that the benchmark for horror entertainment has been long set.

However, unlike other games, horror or scary games are quite tough for the everyday game player to win over without developing goose bumps. These dedicated Smartphone games make it seemingly impossible for the player to keep track of time with the exciting features, chiefly those with zombie themes.

Having said this, we can decipher that there are lots of horror Android games and it is practically impossible to try each of them owing to space and preference. So which are the best horror games available for Android right now? Without much ado, below are the best five of the available horror games available.

Top Best Horror Games For Android

Another World

Another World is ancient game dating as far back as 1990’s. In this game, the player plays the role of a scientist who finds himself in another world realm entirely. While in this realm, the player is being chased by a wolf monster who tries to find his way home by solving some puzzles. To the normal horror game player, the game doesn’t seem to be horrifying in nature but the game background is as scary as it can be.

But you must escape from this strange civilization. You will nonetheless meet a companion who will soon become your ally and help you in this merciless fight!

Dead Effect 2

This game is designed to suit sci-fi enthusiasts. Just that, this particular brand is quite creepy. In this game, you are with the choice of playing one of the three characters available in the game. Ultimately, you will have to finish up a level and advance to the other while picking up new weapons to kill the new tougher evolving alien bad guys and tougher game modes to scale through. Talking about graphics, this particular game is livened with great virtual performances. But to an extent, this game doesn’t seem much like a horror game. It is more sci-fi-related but looks horrifying when played on mobile.


  • Breathtaking graphics using the latest Android & NVIDIA technology
  • Realistic effects and stunning environments
  • Narrated by professional voice actors
  • Atmospheric soundtrack and movie-quality sound effects
  • 3 different personalities
  • Character training and development
  • Unique system of 100+ upgradable body implants and gear sets
  • 40+ upgradable weapons


  • 20+ hours of campaign gameplay and 10+ hours of special missions
  • an elaborate system of achievements
  • full controller support
  • fully customizable on-screen controls

Distraint: Deluxe Edition

Talk about a greenhorn horror android game, Distraint is the best option that comes to mind. This game has a simple graphics display that perfectly suits the feature it is meant to fit. The controls of the game are anything but difficult to handle. This game, however, focuses on a spine-chilling story outline capable of inciting a psychological kind of horror game. However, this game has a quite limited game mode but has a bunch of extra stuff in the premium Deluxe Edition.

Five Nights at Freddy’s series

The Five Nights at Freddy’s titles series are one of the exceptional renowned horror games. Just like what s expected in most horror games, a classic jump scare. In this game, you are to be on the lookout for strange aliens trying to kill you. Your primary goal in the game is to survive while enjoying the mints of the story included. The game consists of five modes to play through with a variety of mechanics between the games.

Fran Bow series

Fran Bow series is another exciting horror series game. Each part of the game has a different storyline chapter but with a single title. However, each storyline mode divided into individual downloadable games. But for every part of the game, you must self-administer medication to get into the next game mode.

That is it guys our list of the best Horror Games you can download and start playing them on your smartphone. Lemme know which one of  them is your favourite


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