Top Best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

If you own an iPhone or iPad, this post discusses the Best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad. Note-Taking is something almost everyone does, even people without smartphones carry a pen and note for this purpose but why do that when you do even more with your iPhone or iPad? Note taking apps are all over the Apple App store with so many Features to make note taking a whole easier and convenient experience.

These features include the ability to take as many notes as you want without running out of space, you can also backup/sync your notes to the cloud so you don’t lose any of it in the event that your phone gets lost or damaged. You can simply get a new device and pick up where you left off. Other Note-taking apps have additional features but there are way too many on the Apple App store which is why we’ve made this list of some of the best ones out there.

Best Note-Taking Apps For iPhone and iPad

Apple Notes

Using an iPhone or iPad, you must have already come across Apple’s Note. Apple’s Note comes pre-installed with every iPhone and iPad which is the very first note taking app we’re taking a look at here. First off, it’s free so You also don’t have to go through the stress of installing it as it already comes pre-installed.

Apple’s Note also has the ability to Sync your Notes to iCloud making it possible for you to access it using any other Apple device like an iPad, iPhone or even a MacBook, provided they are all connected to the same iCloud account. If you have and use only Apple devices then you might find it very convenient picking up your Mac where you left of on your iPhone/iPad and vice versa.

The note app has almost, if not all the features you would ever need in a note app. You can URLs and see a preview of the website, you can also add an image and see the image while in the note just to name a few. Apple’s note app is really worth exploring with a really great feature for effectively taking notes.

Google Keep

Google Keep also a good note-taking app if you don’t want to use apple’s note. Like apple’s note, Google Keep is also free and as you might have already guessed, it is cross-platform meaning that you can also use it on iPhone as well as Android and even on the web if you happen to have a Windows PC or MacBook. Google it just the best when it comes to Accessibility – you can literally access it on any device as long as it is connected to the internet and you have the Google account attached to it.

In terms of features, Google keep has all the features a note taking app should have, from the ability to write text to be able to add URLs with previews and also being able to save voice notes so as to play it at a later time among others. Google Keep also has a very clean and neat user interface. Saving a new note and Locating an existing note is very easy thanks to the tags.

If you have Windows PC and would sometimes like to pick up where you left off on your iPhone on your Windows PC then Google Keep is the best. It is also my personal favourite as it works well with Android and even if I decide to make the switch to iOS, I’ll still have access to all my important notes. D


The last on the list here is Evernote. There isn’t much to say about EverNote, it just works. The app is free to use but more features will set you back $7.99/Mo. Paying this amount means you’ll get to use the full features of the app which is simply awesome.

With Evernote you can do basically anything you want when it comes it note taking, you can add links, texts, files, documents etc. You can also search for notes, making it easier to locate a note you’re looking for. Evernote like Google Keep is also cross-platform (Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and even on the web) so that a plus. This way, you’ll be able to have access to all your notes regardless of the device you have, whether iOS, Android or Windows, you’ll be to access your notes. D

There you have it guys, the list of the best Note-Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad. Which one will you pick as your very best?

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