Top Browser Games To Try on Your Phone

Browser games

Browser games are a lot of fun these days, and they can be a fantastic way to keep yourself busy during a long commute! However, since most browser games are developed using Flash technology, players tend to think they can only be played on a desktop computer or a laptop.

Luckily, there are modern mobile browsers that support Flash games, so you can continue playing your favourite game even when you’re away from the computer. Still, since not all mobile browsers support this feature, below is a list of apps you can try on your Android or Apple device.


It is friendly, lightweight, and works on both Android and iPhones. It’s also packed with modern features such as Flash technology, gesture recognition, multiple tabs, voice search, and third-party add-ons.

Dolphin is a full-fledged browser that can replace most stock options nowadays. Furthermore, it is integrated with social media apps, so users can share with Box, Facebook, Evernote, and more without crowding their phone space.


Remember those browsers that barely move? Instead of putting your frustration aside, why not try a browser that was specially designed to move at lightning speed?

The Puffin browser is ‘wicked fast’ (as the developer describes it) because it doesn’t use the resources of your mobile device. This browser works with cloud technology and uses remote servers to run demanding web pages without clogging your phone’s activity.

Furthermore, the app is built with data usage efficiency in mind, so you can access your social media accounts directly from a browser, with up to 80% data savings compared to other browsers and even native apps. Finally, Puffin is available for both Android and iPhone devices.


This is features as a Flash Player and browser because it manages to differentiate between the two roles quite nicely. First, you don’t have to install or download a Flash plugin for browser games to work. Second, you can activate and de-activate the Flash feature whenever you want by simply pressing a button (which is shaped like a lightning bolt!).

The Photon browser comes with other cool features (available on most browsers) such as user-friendly interface, multi-tab support, smart URL bar, and private browsing. The app is available for free, on both Android and iPhone devices.

Flash Fox

While the app is only available for Android users, it packs some interesting features. For instance, it is geared towards playing Flash videos and games, so the app is lightweight and clean. Overall, the browser is fast and offers some of the most popular browser functionalities such as multiple tabs, search, and sync with a desktop version.

Boat Browser

This app was created as a combination of all the great features found in popular browsers such as Mozilla or Chrome. Except, Boat Browser is light, supports Flash content and comes with an app store (similar to the one available in Opera) where users can purchase third-party apps to enhance their experience.

Furthermore, the newest versions support gestures and you can even create your own. This makes the interface friendly and provides users with fun ways to customize the browser to their own liking. Moreover, it supports multiple tabs and even has a floating tab feature which may come in handy on smaller screens.

Best Browser Games to Play

Now that you know which browsers work best with Flash content, let’s have a look at some of the most interesting games you can try.

For instance, if you like shooter games, we recommend trying War Brokers, a team shooter game that gives you missions and keeps everyone alert with challenging tasks. Or, if you want something a bit on the funny side, you may want to try Shell Shockers, a game where eggs carry weapons!

Another interesting and entertaining browser game is Vikings Village, where Vikings fight each other for irrational reasons. On the other hand, if you like a brain teaser, you should try the Impossible Quiz on Crazy Games or Both require logic and reason and keep you engaged right to the end.

Wrap Up

The list of browsers can easily go on, but we believe these five are enough for any browser games player. The idea is to try different apps until you find the one that fits your needs since they are not all created equal.


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