Top Reasons Your Smartphone Camera Takes Blurry Photos

Top Reasons Your Smartphone Camera Takes Blurry Photos

These are the reasons why your smartphone camera takes blurry photos. One of the things people check these days in the spec-sheet when buying a new smartphone is the camera prowess. Why buy a digital camera when you can actually kill two birds with one stone and buy a smartphone with a good camera lens.

Top Reasons Your Smartphone Camera Takes Blurry Photos

However, when you buy the new smartphone and notice the camera doesn’t perform as expected then something is wrong. The photographs taken with the smartphone are blurry and the performance of the camera isn’t encouraging. Then the following are the reasons why your smartphone camera takes blurry photos.

Lack of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) focuses on the stabilization of a photograph taken with your smartphone. It outperforms Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and automatically makes photographs sharp and clear enough. The OIS usually shows itself whenever you are about to take a photograph and your hand shakes.

However, EIS could also help achieve that but OIS always comes out on top and delivering almost non-blurry photographs all the time. If your camera doesn’t come with OIS, chances are you’ll get blurry photographs whenever you’re about to take pictures and your hand shakes. But if your camera has OIS then let’s move to the next one.

Fingerprints Dirt

Since we operate our phone most times in our hands, the stains on our hands can actually stain the lens of the camera. Once your fingerprints are all over the lens, of course, photographs will become blurry.

Before taking a photograph, you should clean the camera lens surface with a clean soft cloth. This will eliminate all the finger prints on the surface and increase your picture quality. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the Huawei P20 Pro, once fingerprints get in the way, the photographs won’t be clear enough.


Most modern smartphones now come with dust resistant accompanied by the water-resistant through the IP68 certifications. This includes the camera surface as well, but if your smartphone doesn’t come with the certifications and dust get in the way of the lens very often then you might have to clean the surface before taking any photographs.

If you don’t, chances are , your photographs will become blurry. When there is much dust on the surface, it won’t let enough light in for crystal clear photographs. Sometimes, dust can accumulate underneath the surface, which is inside the lens. You need to take it to a technician and they will open the device, clean the lens and fix it back for you.


If you’ve used the device for a long time now, then chances are there are lots of scratches on the lens surface. This can be attributed to where you usually place the device or how you use the smartphone from time to time. Especially if your smartphone comes with protruding camera, there are bound to be scratches over time.

When your lens surface has lots of marks, then if course photographs will become blurry. If this happens, then you may have to completely change that lens surface by taking it to your technician. You can also change the entire back cover, especially if it’s covered in glass or get a new smartphone in general.

Using low-end phones

If you’re using a budget-friendly smartphone then chances are you won’t be getting a sharp image with that device. The image sensors on these budget smartphones can’t take stunning photographs due to its embarrassing aperture. Making it one of the reasons why your smartphone camera takes blurry photos.

Make sure your smartphone camera comes with at least a 12MP lens, with f/1.5 to f/1.9 aperture. That’s not all, make sure it comes with lots of goodies like OIS, optical zoom, phase detection, laser autofocus, touch focus, autofocus, face detection, HDR, panorama and the rest.


These are the reasons why your smartphone camera takes blurry photos. If you feel none of the above reasons is the cause of your device taking blurry photographs, then it might be a hardware problem and you need to visit your technician for a fix.


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