Top Rideshare Mobile Apps You Can’t Afford To Miss

Rideshare Mobile Apps

Nowadays, smartphones represent an extension of ourselves, with them storing everything from our task lists, reminders, pictures, and music, to applications that make our lives so much easier – and sometimes even more affordable. The apps we use to communicate with our friends, locate a good restaurant, or order a ride home have become essential in our daily lives in order to function conveniently.

When it comes to transportation, most of us think convenience, safety, and reliability. Luckily, the mobile application market today offers a variety of rideshare apps that made the phrase “I’ll call a cab” a thing of the past. These apps started out as an easy, affordable way to get from one from place to another, and now, they can even help you save money! Read on to find out how transportation mobile apps can offer more than just convenience. 


With a massive global presence covering more than 500 cities worldwide, Uber is one of the most popular transportation apps out there. The service essentially covers all the basics, and it keeps expanding. The app allows you to hail an Uber, to pay online, rate your drivers, and more, all within a user-friendly interface that makes it easy and convenient.

In addition, Uber has recently launched “Uber Voucher”; a rewards system for the customers of bars and restaurants that partner with the app, allowing them to offer their visitors free rides.


Lyft- Rideshare Mobile Apps

One of the most popular transit apps in the US (and only exists locally, for now). Lyft is another alternative to Uber. It covers a significantly vast area of the US, with official plans in the horizon for global expansion. The service allows you to split bills between multiple riders and pay through the app, among other options. As a financial perk, restaurants and bars are now partnering with “Lyft Events” to prepare and offer special promotional codes to event attendees, giving the app a money-saving aspect. Both Uber and Lyft made their names as the topmost in-demand rideshare apps. This is where Freebird comes in.

Freebird app works with restaurants and bars, enabling them to offer you – the customer – cash rewards to pay for your Uber and Lyft rides! The app simply lets businesses pay for the cost of your transportation through automatically giving you cash back when you pay your bill using the credit or debit card linked to your Freebird account.

This app promises substantial savings and is highly recommended. Simply create an account, start by using Freebird promo code for 2019 and enjoy the rewards and points Freebird offers you – honestly, who doesn’t want a free ride?


This is a free taxi app that currently covers more than 400 cities in South, Central, and North America (up through Mexico). The service is quite simple to understand; the app basically finds your location via GPS, for you to then easily hail the closest ride. You can also benefit from more features as you get to store your credit card information in your profile. In addition, Cabify offers its services in some cities in the Middle East region.


Among the popular ridesharing apps on the market today, Via has made it become one of the most increasingly popular names. The service brilliantly features a flat rate and doesn’t charge based on your trip distance. Although this feature can be good or bad, depending on what the other services would’ve charged for your trip, if you don’t share the ride with other riders, then you got the car all to yourself at no additional charges. Via app has not yet expanded beyond just a few cities in the US, and covers only certain areas within those cities. However, it can be perfect for a ride downtown. That said, the company has plans to extend its services to other cities.

As everyone tries to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in, equipped with technology and the Internet, many of us feel simply blessed to have access to transport and ridesharing apps at our fingertips. Gone are the days when we had to book a taxi in advance to go to the movies, make it to a job interview on time, or catch a non-refundable flight.

With everything going digital, catching a ride is no exception. Transportation and ridesharing apps are now shaping the mobility sector, offering convenience and ease in just one click. Providing an innovative transportation strategy that allows us to gain quick and hassle-free access to ride options on an as-needed basis, these apps aren’t going anywhere any time soon. If anything, they may actually replace public buses and traditional taxi services in the future.


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