Top Smartphone Apps For Sports Fans

    Sports apps

    Many people can’t deny that even outside the stadium, there are still many fans who can’t keep going with their daily routine without getting updates from their favourite sports teams. From football to baseball, there are endless requests on different platforms about knowing where to get all the valuable information about a certain sports team as soon as possible. With that, smartphones offer flexibility and convenience for sports fans to provide news and other updates for avid sports fans all around the world.

    If you’re also fond of getting updates and tired of browsing different websites on the internet, check these sports applications below to download for your device:


    If you’re religiously following sports based in the United States, then you’ll surely come to love ESPN. ESPN made an official application for smartphone users to use.

    News updates such as sporting events, live-streamed games, scores, and other happenings can be openly accessed by a fan through their application in a very convenient way. Aside from these, there are also available podcasts and videos that you can freely watch. It also doesn’t stop there since there are tons of customizations that you can do by picking out your favourite teams, players, and leagues. Better set an alert to notify you for the latest updates so you won’t miss anything!

    Yahoo! Sports

    Ever since, Yahoo! Has been unbeatable when it comes to its control over the internet. Until today, it still hasn’t died down and the hype of knowing Yahoo! is still on its peak, which is why they made a smartphone application especially catering for sports fans also.

    if you’re a fan who doesn’t like to miss any update on his favourite team every single day, then you might want to check Yahoo! Sports application. It features entertaining and personalized news which covers one of the top stories across golf, tennis, racing or top soccer leagues.


    For most applications, it’s not only the United States gets to be covered but also other countries’ sports as well such as Brazil, French, Italian, UK, and German sports. This is a big feature that exists in Betway soccer app wherein it also covers soccer games outside the US, too.

    First of all, Betway offers a sports platform which aims to cater to sports fans by delivering quick and latest updates on a worldwide scale. So far, Betway has accumulated numerous users that continue to flock to their websites anytime, anywhere. You can turn on the alerts for quick notifications in both applications. Plus, it’s available on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore, giving a wide spectrum of users to enjoy the app itself without barriers at all.

    FOX Sports

    Basic functionalities are still in high demand due to its minimalist approach. Undeniably, many sports fans are seeking smartphone applications that boast a simple design that doesn’t clutter the screen. This is where FOX Sports enter the picture.

    FOX Sports made a smartphone application that shows news, scores, and daily alerts fitting for avid sports on the go. You can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account also if you have one. Within the app, it will ask for permission to use your current location in order to deliver regional sports news fitting within your location. As always, it offers a lot of great features intended for an average sports fan to benefit from all the updates and happenings from his favourite teams.


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