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Top Ways on How to get a Mobile Number Location

mobile number location

Most of the contemporary phones these days are designed in such a way that they have got reverse look-up in order to track the location of the caller. But it does not seems as effective one, however, we are going to guide you that how you can track mobile number location.

You may be familiar with the tracking location of a cell phone with the help of a software, but it seems quite easy today. You just need to install the location tracking tool on your target cell phone and you can track the current location of the phone.

mobile number location

When it comes to getting mobile number location, you have to keep in mind some technicalities that will help you out to get cell number location.

How to get cell number location

Decode the“country Code.

The digits of the phone number contain valuable information because it indicates the certain location that the cell phone is registered in. You just need to break down the phone number into few parts and you have to narrow down the general location of the caller as their city or the part of the county they have registered the cell number.

It is basically the first series of numbers at very before the three digits area code –such as 1, (333) 222-3333. It will let you know where the person is calling on your cell phone. If it does not work, then am sure an anonymous call is coming from the same country that your personal cell phone number is from. Further, you can check out the detailed list of country codes.

Decode the Area Code

This is the three series of cell number such as 444)333-2222. It will provide you with authentic information regarding the location of a cell phone number. It will enable to get the general information about the location of a city or county at which the phone number has registered. You can further get help from codes available on cyberspace.

Decode the Prefix

It is all about the three-digits very after the area code –such as 111)333-6666. It will tell you all about the “switchboard or a “lands lines” local switchboard. However detailed information of these numbers is not available at any place because the method of switchboard has outdated, and the mobile number possibly carried over the time you have changed the providers.

Now take a look at Phone number location lookup site

It is the method that will differentiate that either your target number is a landline number of a cellular number. There is the number of phone number lookup sites claim to locate the address of the caller. Always keep in mind they demand your information and they may charge you as well. However, there is no guarantee that you have true and exact information.

You can easily chase out these through Google that will give you a basic piece of information without them joining.

You have to add the digits of cell numbers and you will have to include the area code and you need to find out the city of the caller.

Google Number

This method is fully practical; it may give you something or leave you with empty handed. It is basically based on phone number was used online by any company or person.

Use Google’s right method

You just need to type the mobile number in this ten digits method: “xxx) xxx-xxxx

The results usually very often return in one or two ways. If the target cell number has a match to number pops up online, then it will come up with the business or with the username on the website where it has been listed earlier.

However, the target mobile number listed online, pop up with the number and you will see the best finding results and you will get the general location in the steps earlier.


These are the methods that can help you to track the mobile number location to the fullest. However, if you really want to track the exact location of a known person such as your employees, kids and teens and others, then you can use Gps location tracker by installing it on your target phone and you will get to know the current and pinpoint location within no time.


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