Transparent Xiaomi Mi 9 to be named after Alita Battle Angel

Xiaomi Mi 9 transparent edition

Xiaomi Mi 9 is one of the top flagships that we are expecting this year. The device is expected to feature unique specs. Rumours have been going online that the Mi 9 will feature a version with transparent back. But the official teaser of the device has been revealed online today. According to the official teaser, the flagship will be called Xiaomi Mi 9: Battle Angel – which comes as a result of the deals between the Chinese phone maker and the Movie Alita: Battle Angel.

With the teaser, we can confirm that the device will be coming with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. And the lower side of the back of the device will host a triple camera and the Qi wireless power charging coil. We can also see some writing like “MIUI” and “Super Mi” pointing to the User interface and something like technology for CPU boost to add more performance.

The company will officially introduce the Mi 9 variant of the flagship on Wednesday.  So we will expect the Xiaomi Mi 9: Battle Angle to appear alongside the normal Mi 9 variant. And the amazing thing is that both phones will be released earlier before the main Battle Angel movie is released. Because Alita will be hitting movie theatres on February 22 in China. ‘

As for now, there is no information concerning the official price of the device but some rumours suggest that the device will be sold for CYN5,999 or about $885/€785.

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