Two-Player Games for iPhone/iPad: Top Best You Should Have


Here we will be reviewing the best Two-Player Games for iPhone or iPad. Two-player mobile games are now quite popular, and playing them is an amazing virtual way to have fun with your best pal or family member right on your iOS-powered smartphones. While some two-player games are riveting and electrifying, others are jejune and plain insipid.  Thus, selecting the best games in this category becomes necessary.

Two-player iOS games often offer a plethora of features and capabilities, which are usually different from those in their Android versions. Two-player games you can play on your iPhone or iPad with your buddy are of various types, including vocabulary and word making a challenge, racing games, fun games, farm games, fighting games, drawing games, and several others. We’ve scurried the Internet and found the top best two-player mobile games for iOS that you can engage in playing with your buddy.

10 Best Two-Player Games on iPhone and iPad

Here are the top 10 two-player iOS games right now:   


Looking for an exciting way to improve your vocabulary? Hangman is perfect to help you achieve this aim. It is an excellent app to bolster your spelling and supports both 1 player as well as 2-player gameplay. Hangman is free to download. After downloading and installing it on your mobile device, you can choose to play it with your friend or play against your phone (Computer) as an invisible opponent. Hangman’s design has a classroom board-chalk style, making it more fascinating.

Download Hangman for free from the App Store


Spaceteam is the next selection on the list. It is an epic science fiction game, created to be an interesting cooperative party game that can be played by 2 players and a maximum of 8. It provides a random control panel that has a number of features, such as switches, buttons, and dials to help you manoeuvre the game with ease. As the ship is on the brink of falling apart, you’ve to coordinate with your team so you can save it. All your teammates will be given instructions and must act on them quickly before the time elapses. Unless you collaborate excellently with your team, you will not be able to make progress in the game.

Download Spaceteam for free from the App Store

Word Scramble

Two-Player Games for iPhone

This game presents you with challenges, where you are tasked to find right words among letters. You’ve to slide or swipe your phone screen between the letters so you can form words. There’ll be an increase in your score and trophies as you, successfully, complete the tasks. Word Scramble has 3 modes, which are Play classic, blitz as well as marathon. In the first mode, you must find as many words as possible within 2 minutes. The second one, Blitz mode, can be quite helpful as it lets you become a fast word speller. And in the last mode, you have to look for a bunch of words; the marathon mode has no time limit.

Download Word Scramble for free from the App Store

Worms 2: Armageddon

Owing to the addictive gameplay of Worms 2: Armageddon, the game is highly rated. It lets you play as much as 16 extraordinarily intriguing games with your family members or buddies. With the Game Center’s auto-match option, you can find new opponents that you can enjoy the game with. To play, pick out a powerful grenade and launch an attack against your opponents with vigor. Worms 2: Armageddon comes with a number of customization features, which allow you to fine-tune it based on your preferences. It also offers a practice mode which can help you hone your skill to perfection.

Download Worms 2: Armageddon for $4.99 from the App Store

Heads Up!

This is a sensational game that asks you to guess the word shown on a card before the timer elapses. Heads Up! has a lot of tasks to keep you entertained, like naming celebrities, singing, or making silly accents. You can choose to play this interesting title with a friend or 100 friends at a time. Heads Up allows you to save the video of your gameplay so you can watch it later. It also features over 40 themed decks.

Download Heads Up for $0.99 from the App Store

Cats Carnival

This app is one of the finest 2-player mobile games out there. It allows you to play 10 very intriguing and captivating games, and if you choose not to go head-to-head with a friend, it also offers a single player mode that lets you enjoy the game smoothly. There are no dull moments with Cats Carnival as it contains quite a few challenging levels. To unlock all the games and have more fun, you can upgrade to the premium version at $1.99.

Download Cats Carnival for free from the App Store

Just Dance Now

Coming right up is Just Dance Now, a super-cool gaming app for people that have a knack for dancing or who seek to learn spectacular dancing forms. With this game, you can party with ten, hundred, or even one thousand players and engage in dancing with other players worldwide. Just Dance Now comes with over 300 melodious songs, which offer you an endless joy during the gameplay. It even lets you design and customizes your own playlists.

Download Just Dance Now for free from the App Store

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool provides a perfect avenue for pool players to enjoy their favorite pool game right on their iPhone or iPad either with their buddies or legends. Touted as the best pool game in the world, 8 Ball Pool lets you play one on one or join tournaments so you can win trophies. It also allows you to use your Facebook page to throw down the gauntlet to your friends from all parts of the world, anytime.

Download 8 Ball Pool for free from the App Store

Who Can’t Draw

Who Can’t Draw is specifically designed for creative people with a penchant for drawing. In the game, the first player is given a word to draw before the allotted time runs out. And after this, the other players must interpret as well as copy that image. The last player should guess the word and also nominates those players that gave the best performance or the worst one in that round. Who Can’t Draw also has basic word packs.

Download Who Can’t Draw for free from the App Store

Red Hands

Red Hands, the last but not the least title in this review, is an ideal game for people that are lightning fast and have great reflexes. It is a battle of speed, where a player is the attacker, while their opponent is the defender. If the other player surrenders 3 times, that will be a perfect free hit. The player that earns 10 points first will become the winner. The game lets you customize your hand type as you can select from multiple available options.

Download Red Hands for free from the App Store

Which of These Games Is Your Fave?

Now that you’ve perused the features of the top best two-player games for iPhone and iPad, which of them would you select to unwind with your pal? You can let us know in the comment section.


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