Uber Lite Apk Download For Android


Uber is a widely known modern Taxi service provider to provide convenient and reliable transport services. To improve users’ convenience & expand service reach, the Uber Lite app has emerged to cater to their current and potential users that lack enough mobile storage and data connection. Also, users who are concerned about high data usage have got nothing to worry about, because Uber Lite offers you such a big relief on that.

Uber Lite is an official supplementary application but not a substitute for the typical Uber application. It aims at ensuring no uber user is left behind in today’s growing world. It’s an Android app just as the existing app, modelled to require little mobile storage space and also with the ability to function to its fullest strength even with low data connections.

Uber Lite is amazingly a more accessible version of the existing uber ap; it’s easy to use and straight to the point without any ambiguity. It helps to save close to 90% of mobile storage space as compared to the typical uber app; as such, it can even be accessed on old android hardware versions. At the same time, it saves users from exorbitant data requirement fees.

The simplicity of the uber lite does not in any manner deteriorate the service quality of the application; instead, the features are improved and easier to use. Uber Lite primarily aims at cutting off the rate of data consumption and the time required to demand the service of an uber rider, ultimately, to increase the tendency of getting an uber ride even in areas with frustrating data connections.

Uber Lite is a great app that surprisingly speeds up the process of placing an order. It automatically selects your current location with the aid of a map to ensure accuracy.

Here Are Some of the Features

The Uber Lite application comes with these amazing features which include:

  • Ability to share trips with family and friends.
  • It is fast even with no Wi-Fi and helps to save data.
  • It saves time and effort as it requires little typing.
  • Users with a low account can conveniently pay in cash.
  • It works on any Android phone and any network.
  • It is easier and simpler to learn and interact with.
  • Map usage is optional to reduce users’ typing.
  • It caches top places and requires no network to surface.
  • The ordering process is just like it was before but now faster.
  • Requires just 5MB of data to download.
  • Can be downloaded with low connection
  • Easy identification of salient details.

How to Download Uber Lite App

Download Uber Lite with the following procedures just as other applications on the Play Store.

  • Type and search for Uber Lite application on Google Play Store from your Android device
  • Hit the install button to install the lightweight Uber Lite application and start to make your ride order.

Last updated version of Uber Lite is 1.78.10001 (57589), and requires a minimum of 4.4 Android version.

Take Note of the Following

Even with the simplicity, storage-saving, data minimization benefits and other benefits from Uber Lite, users would not have access to some features that add fun to the typical Uber application. Some of these features include

  • Absence of the swiping gesture to access the drawer for the three-bar menu.
  • The fancy animation no longer exists.
  • Direct save of custom addresses is absent.
  • Setting a ride schedule is not feasible yet.
  • Currently, multiple stops service isn’t rendered.
  • Cash payment is the only accepted medium.
  • Service is only available in some selected countries, including Bahrain, Ghana, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, and some selected areas in Latin America.



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