Unlimited Data Plans in Nigeria For All Network

Unlimited Data PLANS IN Nigeria

If you’re a heavy user of the internet with tons of downloads to be carried out or huge amount of tasks that require the use of the internet, then you’ll most likely need an unlimited data plan so as not to keep checking your data Balance after each Download or just not worry about running out of data.

Now, not everyone is a heavy user, and for those people, data bundles are always available. Also, not all those who want unlimited data plans are actually heavy users.

Some people, like me, just like the comfort of not having to check for the remaining data balance from time to time. Not that we Download or stream a lot, although we might once in while but we just like the fact that we have the unlimited plan just in case something that requires it comes up. Also, unlimited plans are probably the only plans that you get to use until its expiry date without exhausting the allocated data – because there is no data.

Anyways, no matter what your reasons are for wanting an unlimited data plan, you’d be happy to know that we have quite a few available in Nigeria from different Internet network providers (ISP) which we will be going through here in this piece.

Unlimited Data Plans In Nigeria

Disclaimer: Before subscribing for any of the plans below make sure you put a call to their respective Customer care agents to confirm if where you stay is within their coverage area.

Swift Unlimited Plan

Swift is among the best 4G internet service provider in Nigeria and is what I personally use and recommend, that is of course if you’re within their coverage area. Their unlimited 24/7 plan goes for 19,500 if you already have their SIM or SIM+Mifi bundle. There is also a fair usage policy in place which caps the speed at 3MB/s. According to Swift, there is no data cap only the cap on the speed. You can also take the speed up to 6MB/s if you go for a more expensive unlimited data plan but I won’t recommend that unless you’re running a business.

Spectranet Unlimited Plan

Spectranet has only one Unlimited Plan (Unlimited Gold Plan) and it costs N18,000 for a month – 30days. According to Spectranet fair usage policy, they reserve the right to limit your Download speed to 8Mbps (Which is 1MB/s) when you reach the 100GB Download Mark.

Smile Unlimited Plan

Smile also has an Unlimited Plan call Unlimited Premium Plan which cost 19,800 and has a 30day validity period. It also has a fair usage policy in place which throttles the speed to 4Mbps (which is 500KB/s) when you use up to 80GB. Visit the official website on how to subscribe

Airtel Unlimited Plans

Airtel has three different unlimited plans

that cost N10,000, N15,000 and N20,000. To subscribe for any of the unlimited data plans, simply dial *141# and follow the on-screen instructions. All plans have a 30days validity with different fair usage policies in place. The N10,000 unlimited Plan will be throttled once your Usage exceeds 40GB, The N15,000 Plan at 65GB and the N20,000 at 100GB respectively.

Ntel Unlimited Plans

Ntel has three different unlimited plans – Unlimited U-Daily, Unlimited U-Weekly and Unlimited Family with the last one being a monthly plan. The Unlimited U-Daily costs just N1,500 and is valid for 2 days (48hrs), The Unlimited U-Weekly costs N3,750 and is valid for 7days while the Unlimited Family costs N17,500 and is valid for the 30days. According to Ntel, there is no fair usage policy in place. You can subscribe through their website.

Glo, 9Mobile and MTN currently don’t have unlimited data plans and when they do, we’ll surely update the page with information on their unlimited plans. For now, you’ll have to make do with the ones above. Also, do let us know down in the comment section which unlimited plan you’re going for.


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