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Upcoming Phantom 9 Camera Sample Reveals Impressive Photo Details & Ultra-Wide Lens

Phantom 9

The last TECNO Phantom phone was launched in 2017, after the device maker unveiled the Phantom 8, skipping the Phantom 7. The smartphone should have been launched in 2018 but that didn’t happen; this raised many questions if the Chinese OEM has pulled the plug on the Phantom Series production.

Others were wondering when the next TECNO Phantom will be released.

But now, it appears the rumours have finally come to an end with a leak of the camera image samples from the next Phantom phone by Tech YouTuber Knewkeed. Though we are not privy to much details on how he got them (he said the source is credible), we can confirm to you that the next Phantom is, indeed, coming to Nigeria and other markets across the world soon.

TECNO Mobile’s Twitter account recently made a post, containing a fast movie GIF with what appears to be some specs of the next TECNO Phantom smartphone, which should be the Phantom 9. This clearly shows the launch of the next Phantom 9 is on the horizon.  

Eric Okafor @Knewkeed released further tweets, containing 2 images that hint the Phantom 9 has the capability to take great wide-angle pictures.

Here Are Some Likely TECNO Phantom 9 Specs

The Phantom 9, from the GIF tweeted by the TECNO official account, will sport a 6.4-inch full display AMOLED screen and run on Android v.9 Pie. It will come with 6GB RAM as well as 128GB internal memory.

Taking a closer look at that GIF, you would see an in-display fingerprint, which will be the first of its kind from the Chinese company. If what we hear of the Phantom 9 is true, the phone will be the Transsion

sub-brand’s best smartphone ever made.

In the camera department, there will be an AI triple cam. The GIF gave no hints what the selfie camera will be but reveals a dual front flashlight.

Since previous leaks of TECNO mobile devices have proven credible, this latest one concerning the Phantom 9 should be considered seriously. In the days ahead, we are looking forward to more details the next TECNO Phantom.


  1. The indisplay fingerprint sensor will surely be this phone top selling point. Nice innovation from Tecno Mobile


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