Upcoming WhatsApp Updates to allow more than 4 People in a group Video or Audio call

Whatsapp Messenger

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, most countries worldwide are in one lockdown or another. The #stayhome tag has been widely broadcasted across all social media platforms. For now, it is the best way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. This has made a lot of people resort to speaking or communicating with their loved ones via video or audio call.

It is probably not a coincidence the upcoming WhatsApp update will allow more than 4 people in either a group video call or audio call. Inside WhatsApp’s latest beta release shows strings of code which reveals the messaging service is working on it.

This is long overdue, considering that its competitors are offering more participants for video/audio calls. Just recently, Google Duo upped the number of their audio/video call participants by 50%.

For now, it is still unknown what the maximum participant will be. A good guess will be a maximum of 10 participants. Whatever the figure will be, it sure looks like every participant must have the updated version of WhatsApp for it to work. This feature is highly needed for the service which has over 2 billion monthly users.


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