How to Update Huawei and Honor Devices

Update Huawei Devices

Since the ban on Huawei devices by the US government, owners of Huawei and Honor devices have not had it easy updating their devices. That is why in this article if you have an old Huawei device, you will learn how to update your Huawei and Honor devices. It is no longer news that Google no longer supports Huawei and Honor phones.

Huawei has launched a new app called HiCare for its customers. The platform is tasked with providing customer services for both Huawei and Honor smartphones. It also has the facility to register for a new software update which will be our main focus in this post. The software update via HiCare app is supported by virtually every Huawei and Honor smartphones.

How to Update Huawei and Honor Devices using HiCare

Update Huawei Devices

Every Huawei and Honor phones come preinstalled with the HiCare app. If for some reason, your phone doesn’t have the HiCare app then you’ll need to download the APK version and install manually. But if you do have the HiCare app, then you can proceed further with us.

  • Log in to the HiCare app with your Huawei ID. If you don’t have a Huawei ID, you’ll need to create one.
  • After a successful login, select your country/region.
  • Agree “Permissions and user agreement”.
  • From the top of your screen, select ‘Service’ and then click the ‘Update’ icon.
  • Tap on the Request update > Apply.
  • The Huawei HiCare app will automatically search for the latest software update available.
  • If there is a software update available, the system will bring it to you. And you select “Download and install”. The latest firmware will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Huawei or Honor smartphone. After which the device will reboot to the latest firmware.

How to Create Huawei ID on your Smartphone

It is very simple to create a Huawei ID on your phone, just follow the steps below;

  • Go to Settings on your Huawei/Honor phone.
  • Scroll to Huawei ID and click on it.
  • Click on “Register”.
  • Accept terms and conditions by tapping on “Agree”.
  • Choose your Country.
  • Again accept the user agreement.
  • Add your Birthday.
  • Enter your Email address.
  • Set a password for your Huawei account. And that’s it, you’ve successfully created a Huawei ID.
  • You’ll receive a verification email. Click on the link featured in the email to start using Huawei services.

That is pretty all you need to know and how you can easily update your Huawei devices.


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